King Howert has finally been killed by our players, the world is now at peace temporarily... However, the 6 Hell Generals who used to be the followers of King Howert have vowed to avenge him. The generals are very strong and dangerous. Some of them have been working hard on enlarging their power... The 6 Hell Generals have seized the Sun God-Apollo to deprive the world of the one thing the people couldn't live without, a bright, shining sun. They hoped to bring the world to its knees and take control. Now, the world lies cold and dark, crops are dead and dying, and people live in constant darkness. To save Apollo and return the life giving glare of the sun, players must pass the tests in the Cursed Palace. It's said that only Hercules was able to pass all the tests of the Cursed Place. But really, what's in the palace to fear?