Wonderland Online

GOOD NEWS! We here at IGG are proud to unveil more information about the upcoming version 5.0, which will be released very soon. The style of this new expansion will be based off classic Greek and Persian mythology and history, with a little bit of everything thrown in for good measure, and the powerful Persian Empire will be added into this new expansion for worthy heroes to test their mettle against a nigh invincible army.

Come and join us as this new adventure unfolds!

Now since we are talking about battles, let us inform you about the new strong bosses you will face in this new expansion!. The deity beasts—Black Dragon, White Tiger, Phoenix and Iron Dino will be the new benchmark challenge for all players. Besides these special bosses, the Cyclops and Winged Bull maybe the most powerful bosses in version 5.0.

Also in the Glory of the Empire, the WLO Team has prepared more NPCs to make the Persian storyline more interesting for players. Famous Persian Kings, nobles, generals and soldiers, all of them vivid and life like to provide a fabulous and exciting adventure for all players.

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