Evil Snake Woman: From ancient times, snakes were thought to be insidious and crafty. According to the Bible, the snake is the craftiest animal among the creatures created by God. It lured Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, causing her to be driven out of Eden. In Chinese mythology, a lot of snakes transform into beautiful women to tempt men. All kinds of legends have defined the Evil Snake Woman's viperous appearance.
   Bird God Garuda: It has the head, wings, and mouth of an eagle but the limbs of a man. In different cultures, it has different identities. Buddhism regards it as one of its guardian gods. In Indian mythology, it is a mount of Vishnu, thus it is a noble symbol of Thai royalty.
   Lion Dove: It is a righteous creature. It has the head and wings of an eagle but the body of a lion. Because of its appearance, it is considered as one of the strongest monsters. It is often sent to watch over various treasure chests. If you meet it, it won't be easy for you to leave safely.
   Erawan: Widely worshipped in Thailand. According to Thai historical records, it is gentle and its four sides represent mercy, kindness, love and fairness respectively. Its statues and temples can be seen everywhere throughout Thailand and India.
   Centaur: The upper half of the body is a man and the other half is a horse. They are good at using bows and spears. Due to its half horse body, it is very flexible and fast in battle. Sagittarius is derived from such a centaur Chiron.
   Elephant God Ganesha: The most cherished God in India, Ganesha was the son of Shiva and Parvati. When Shiva discovered that he had cut off Ganesha's head by mistake, he asked Vishnu for help. Vishnu told him that if the head of the first creature that was found was transplanted onto Ganesha's neck, then Ganesha would live. Shiva found an elephant first, and Ganesha lived.
   Ninja: Ninjas have always been considered as a special Japanese character. They often wear black and can leap onto roofs and vault over walls, control the forces of nature and use a variety of hidden weapons and armor to defeat their enemies easily. A Ninja's main job is to assassinate, collect enemies'information and destroy hostile bases for their masters. Ninjas must live incognito so nobody knows when they will appear. However, the mystery and loyalty impresses people deeply. That is why people always talk about them.
   Sumo Wrestler: Sumo is a competitive contact sport where two wrestlers attempt to force one another out of a circular ring or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. The sumo tradition is very ancient and originated in Japan. According to Japanese legends, two deities fought sumo style for control of Japan. Even now, sumo is still one of the most popular sports in Japan.
   Chinese General-Qi Jiguang: He put down pirates and pushed back the Tartars during the Ming Dynasty. His army was brave and skillful in warfare and was guided by iron discipline. People have even built temples to remember them.
   Knight Zhanzhao:He was righteous and highly skilled in kung fu. He was the right-hand man of the famous Bao Qingtian. His skill was even recognized by the emperor, so he was promoted and called the Imperial Cat. Due to his loyalty and knightly manner, he was popular with people and was known as one of the Seven Knights.
   Armored Knight: A special class that appeared during the Middle Ages in Europe. People of this class would be choosen by the king or lord after they served in the army. They specialized in putting down peasant uprisings. This style of chivalrous armored combat prevailed from the 11th century to the 14th Century, when modern weapons finally ended their reign. However, the knight's spirit and polite manners are still remembered.
   Megapod Beast: The news that the Megapod Beast has been seen comes from every part of the world and it is said it can be found everywhere. It has different names in different areas. A lot of legends have described such human-like animals. Although some people say they have seen it, no evidence has yet proved its existence.