Some players feel that it's really frustrating being able to only enhance Mall armor and weapons. Well, don't get too frustrated, this problem has been taken care of in the new version 3.0. Our Item Mall will be releasing a Forging House where you can forge your common weapons or armor as you like.

Simply choose armor or a weapon from your backpack and get on with the creation of your very own super equipment!

Although both common gear and Mall gear can now be enhanced, there are differences when forging them.

The higher the level of the forged gear, the lower the success rate and vice versa. Once forging is successful, the forged weapon or armor will be shown +1 (+2 attribute points) and the number will be accumulated in this way. Right now,the upper limit is level 100.However, even if forging is failed, the forged weapon will not be destroyed or debased.

Only Mall weapons and armor can be enhanced with a success rate of 100%. However, Strong Scrolls must be used and the forging must be done in the Welling Village Weaponry.