A new and amazing Class System will be out in the new version 3.0. Players will have a lot more fun in the new version.

In Wonderland v.3.0, when players' meet the new level requirement: level 100, you can be reborn! Go and see the Accession Official and simply complete the appointed quest. Afterwards, players will have a cool class and special abilities. In addition, skills grow in power after being reborn as well. More important than those, classes can be strengthened.

Introduction about Class

1.Unique Badge: Recently, there are Fighters and Mages in Wonderland, and each of them have 3 different classes. What is more, different classes have different unique badges which can be identified easily.

2.Great Mantle: Besides the unique badge, players can also get a great mantle when reborn. The shape of the badge will be embroidered on the mantle. So you will become a cute but different person because you can get both the badge and mantle when you are born.


A Fighter is a person who believes that Strength can conquer all. They are so brave that they don't even care when they are in a dangerous situation. Believe me, you will never see fear in their eyes.

Killer: +10% ATK (without the equipment), decreases target's counter attack rate, and increases a little primary mana ability. Warriors who like to attack will be killers after they're reborn, for them, attack is the best defense. The most important aim for them is to attack the targets quickly and effectively. It will lower the enemies'morale.

Warrior: +10% DEF (without the equipment), increase a little defense. Warriors are equipped with iron armor and of course agility and speed will be low. But they are good at defense which makes them hard targets to defeat.

Knight: +10% SPD (without the equipment), the speed can be increased automatically when they ride a pet without the Saddle. Speed is one of their primary features, though they are also good at riding. They can tame many different pets. In battle, knights are honorable and also they are the indicators of all.


Mages are good at controlling natural powers and make it follow their will. They can call out strong and amazing powers by intonating. They then defeat targets by using natural power.

Wit: +10% MATK (without the equipment), increases sealed skill a little. The mana attack will be strengthened after being reborn. Furthermore, they are wise and calm enough to create a good strategy, so they are very important in a team.

Priest: +10% MDEF (without the equipment), strengthens the resistant ability of the seal, strengthens the resistant ability of mana and physical attacks. They are wise and cannot be disturbed easily. So they can change their wisdom to resistant power which can upgrade their defense and endurance in combat.

Seer: +10% SPD (without the equipment), the failure rate of mana attacks and sealed skills will be decreased. They can foresee the future and defeat the targets before they can do anything.