Incan Empire

In ancient times, there were many people living on the mysterious continent across the sea who were said to be the descendants of the sun. This continent was rich in gold and the people there were good at manufacturing things, so all the weapons were made from gold, even the furniture was made of it, such as tables, chairs, walls, decorations, tableware and so on. This was the shining and golden and mysterious Incan Empire.

At the same time, Machu Picchu, known as the Lost City of the Incans, disappeared from history more than 4 centuries ago, then was re-discovered again by explorers after many years'research. This lost city is located on an inaccessible mountain, at an altitude of over 2000 meters! That is why it was also called the Castle in the Sky. You can imagine how difficult it was to build it.

According to recent research, Machu Picchu used to be a prosperous city. However, this was a city in the mountain far away from others, how did the people here get food and the daily necessities of life? Why build it? There are many mysteries awaiting closer inspection for you in the jungles of South America.