From 2:00am to 4:00am EDT(GMT-4) every Wed.
Icon Item Name Price Operation
Great Trident
1680 Credit(s)
Maid's Hairwear
780 Credit(s)
90 Credit(s)
Dark Wizard Hat
890 Credit(s)
Purple Star Hat
880 Credit(s)
Airship Voucher
1080 Credit(s)
Green Devil's Spar
850 Credit(s)
Swan Wing Helmet
950 Credit(s)
White Clay
25 Credit(s)
Yellow Clay
25 Credit(s)
Grey Clay
39 Credit(s)
Red Window
100 Credit(s)
Blue Window
100 Credit(s)
Shadow Pestle
650 Credit(s)
490 Credit(s)
Defence Vest
150 Credit(s)
Glaze Table
420 Credit(s)
200 Credit(s)
Katana Display Panel
330 Credit(s)
Cypress Desk
450 Credit(s)
Kitty Recycling Bin
150 Credit(s)
Toy Bambi
120 Credit(s)
Decorative Dplphin
390 Credit(s)
Wire Game Machine
230 Credit(s)
Wooden Bed
160 Credit(s)
Bicep Exerciser
280 Credit(s)
400 Credit(s)
350 Credit(s)
Kitchen Range
100 Credit(s)
Carpenter's Lathe
190 Credit(s)
Sun Crown
650 Credit(s)

Before you purchase an item:

1. Log into the website
2. Make sure you have enough credits in your account.

Limited Item Details

1.The limited items will be moved on the shelf at 4 different times within a day. Time on sale: 4:00am EST (GMT-5), 8:00am EST (GMT-5), 2:00pm EST (GMT-5) and 8:00pm EST (GMT-5) on Wednesday. Please stay tuned when the limited items are sold in Credit Mall.
2.Each account can purchase once only and only one item can be bought in each purchase.

How do I obtain credits for the Credit Mall?

1. You will receive 10% of the points that you spend in the item mall back in the form of credits. The credits are typically given within 5 minutes that the Item Mall purchase was made.
2. You can redeem Forum Karma.
3. You can receive credits for participating in official events.
4. Simply by visiting the website daily, you can receive credits through the Visit WLO, Win Credits section of the site.

How do I receive my Credit Mall items?

The rewards given out during the scheduled maintenance each Wednesday are counted from Monday to Sunday the week before.Credits are only calculated about one hour before the server maintenance takes place, so please make sure that you have enough space in your inventory to receive items before maintenance begins to avoid any problems.

Please note: Furniture will be placed directly in your tent instead of on your person. You can access the furniture by using the "Draw Furniture" button in the bottom right corner of your screen once you have entered your tent. Simply drag the furniture into your tent to place it.