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Game Name: Wonderland Online
Game Type: MMORPG
Size: about 554M
Version: 6.0.0
Please notice you need an IGG account to play wl after you download the game client. For more details about download, please view instructions below.

* You can use either Downloader or HTTP to download.
* If you are using Windows Vista, installation on the C:/ disk is recommended.

*If you don't know how to use this downloader, click here to find out.
*Download Official Downloader >> Run Downloader.exe
* If you cannot download normally, please try other methods.
Instruction Complete Patch
* Choose ONE of the links below to download the patch
Update your client from If your client can't update automatically, please download and install the latest update patch. (Released on Oct. 22nd approx. 3.65MB)
Choose ONE of the links below to download the client
Free Download Free Download

* If your download speed is less than 80KB/s, you are advised to use this Download Accelerator to download the Game Client more quickly.

Download the Tool >> Install the Tool >> Download Game Client

BT Software Client seed file
* This is a download tool which will help you download the client more quickly.
* If you still don't know how to use uTorrent to download the client, please click here.

CPU: PentiumⅡ400
Operating System: Window 98/ME/2000/XP/vista
HD Space: 2.0G
Graphics Card: support more than DirectX7.0
Sound Card: support DirectX sound card

 If you have any problems with the game, contact us via our 24X7 Service Center .