Special Report: WLO Cute Christmas Tree Competition


Merry Christmas!!! Christmas is coming once again and we can hardly wait! All the delicious food, mulled wine and so many Christmas gifts are just around the corner. So let's indulge ourselves during this wonderful festival.


Wow! Amazing, this is the best Christmas Tree Anonymity ever met. There are cards, candles, flowers and even cookies hanging on from it. On the top is a big, shining star which is now twinkling especially for Anonymity. Anonymity is happy to recieve one of the cards and see the good wishes on it:


So do you want to send your best wishes to your family and friends on this special day as Anonymity do? Well, don't be shy join us!


Please enter the name of the person that you want to send your Christmas wishes to, and then click the button to obtain the address of the card.

Copy and forward the URL provided to all of your friends using AIM, MSN or ICQ and give them your sincere wishes during this special festival.