Tuesday Golden Compass


The Golden Compass is a fun-filled trivia game that will test both your reaction time and wit! Speak with the sign up staff on the 4th floor of the Capitol in Welling Village to register for the game. Players are given trivia questions that they must answer within a certain time. The game board is composed of four quadrants, and players must move to the corresponding part of the arena to answer the trivia questions given out by the Question Master. The answer the player gives is determined by the spot the player is standing in. If the player is unable to reach the correct quarter in time, or chooses the wrong quarter, a continue is removed, and if the player runs out of continues, they will be knocked out of the arena. Players scoring in the top 20 will receive rewards. Be aware that the event only lasts 30 minutes, so sign up quickly, and have fun!

For more details visit: http://wl.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=58&aid=283