Saturday "Band of Brothers" and "Q&A"


*Band of Brothers
The Band of Brothers is a PK event held once a week in the game. Teamwork, spirit, and tactics play a critical role in team PK. Many players attend the event in search of glory!
Sign up with the Challenge Registration Staff on the 2nd floor of the Capitol in Welling Village. In between fights, there is a Curer available to recover you to full health. The system randomly picks 4 players to fight as a group against another group. If you wish to fight alongside your friends, set up a team with them and have the team captain register for the event.

After signing up at the Sign-up NPC on the fourth floor of the Capitol in Welling Village, you will be teleported into an arena. Click on the question master to start the game. You will be given questions to answer within a time limit. The more answers you get right, the longer you stay! If you end up being one of the top 20 players in the event, you will obtain a reward. The top 3 winners receive an extra bonus. This event only lasts for 30 minutes, so sign up fast and good luck!

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