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Fishing System

A new system for fishing has been added to the game, because of the special environment in Wonderland. As you know you will probably spawn on an island surrounded by the sea, so making a living by fishing is one of the most reasonable things you could do. Players only need to get a fishing rod, and the amazing thing is that you can obtain fish as well as other rare resources such as gems, fur, ore, logs, and more. In addition, the better rod you use, the better items you will obtain.

  What's the difference between nobles and commons? In the Wonderland Online, there is no difference between them. No pain, no gain. Players should make efforts to obtain what they want. However, as for the tools, there are top notch tools and common ones. Both the advanced fishing rod and the common one are convenient. They can fish without any bait. But the top notch fishing rod was invented by players and the common one can be obtained by finishing a quest.

  Although the two kinds of fishing rods look similar, they are essentially different. The top notch fishing rod has more advantages than the common one. The more advanced the fishing rod is, the higher the nutrients in the sea food and the rarer materials and gems will be hooked.

  No matter whether you want to be a big chef, or a notorious inventor in Wonderland Online, first you should have a top notch fishing rod. You can make it all by yourself because it's easy to get started. Have a try, you never know what you might hook!