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1. How do I obtain ore?
By killing the rock monsters in the Mine near Kelan village.

2. How do I earn money as a newbie?
By selling your ore to the Props Shopkeeper at the entrance of Kelan Village.

3. How do I obtain different kinds of ore, clay, and wood?
You can collect these materials at various collection points. Check out http://wl.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=73 to find out where these collection points are and what kinds of material can be collected.

4. How do I collect materials, and how do I use the vacuum cleaner to automatically collect?
Click on the collection point every four minutes to collect resources from it. If you wish to automatically collect resources with the vacuum cleaner, drag the vacuum cleaner into the special equipment slot of your character, and then click the collection point. Resources will be automatically collected every five minutes.

You can also use the big vacuum cleaner to automatically collect resources every three minutes, thus increasing the amount of resources that you can gather in a period of time. For more information on the big vacuum cleaner, visit our item mall.

5. How do I obtain a fishing rod? How do I obtain a vacuum cleaner?
To obtain a fishing rod, you can either complete the quest "Let's make up!" in Welling village, or create a fishing pole using the manufacturing system.
As for the vacuum cleaner, you have to complete the quest "Elf's Tear" in Holy Village.

6. How do I upgrade my life skills, such as Alchemy, Mining, Collection, Cutting, and Fishing?
The skills above must first be learned by completing quests before you can begin training them. Once you have learned a skill, collecting resources at the appropriate places will train Mining, Collection, Cutting, and Fishing, and performing any compound will improve your skill in Alchemy.

7. How do I automatically battle?
Go to welling village and complete the quest "Grandma's Special Soup Ingredients" to get the remote control. Chose a place to begin automatically battling, and then double click the remote control to configure how you are going to automatically fight. It is suggested that when automatically battling that you do so in an area where monsters have a lower level than yours.

8. How do I obtain equipment?
Some pieces of equipment can be purchased at equipment stores in the various villages. Compounding can be used to obtain some equipment that cannot be purchased. You can improve your success rate during compounding by having a higher level alchemy skill.

9. How do I allocate skill points?
There are four different attributes in the game. Each skill has its own advantages. Check out http://wl.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=34&aid=21 for some more information related to allocating skill points.

10. In the beginning of the game, how do I leave the luxury cruise liner?
Speak with the captain and the game will progress to the next scene.

11. What if I forget to take my tent back when I use it somewhere?
If you forget to take your tent back, you can open your inventory and right click on your tent. If this fails to work, you can also try logging out and back in. If for some reason the tent stops working, you can speak with the Astrologian for another tent.

12. How do I know how much money I have?
When you move your cursor over the commerce icon in the top right bar, it will display how much money you have. You can also view this by opening up your inventory and looking above your character's stats.

13. How do I close a stall if I opened it?
Double click your shop's name to open up your stall settings. From there you can close up the stall.

14. How do I catch a pet?
During battle, you can click the "Capture" icon when choosing your character's attack. This will take place of his action for that round of combat.

15. How do I add friends?
You have to be in the same area as another player in order to add them as a friend. In the top right bar, click the "Make Friends" icon that looks like two hands shaking, and then click on the person you wish to be friends with.

16. How do I recover my HP and SP?
In addition to eating food or drinking juices and syrups, several other options are available to recover your HP and SP. By pressing ALT+1, you can sit down and slowly recover HP and SP. You can also make a bathtub for your tent, which will recover HP and SP much faster when using it.

17. How do I earn money in the game?
You can't earn money simply by killing monsters or completing quests, but you can earn money by selling the items dropped by monsters or obtained through quests or collection to a props shopkeeper.

18. What if my pet runs away?
Your pet will run away if it dies too many times. Keep an eye on your pet's amity level to see how close it is to leaving the party. If a pet runs away, you can go the location you last got the pet.

19. What if an NPC is out of sight because of other players' tents or pets?
You can choose to turn off seeing other players' tents and pets by clicking the system icon in the bottom right bar, then by clicking the "set up" button next to the character's information label.

20. What if I am trapped in another player's tent?
You can either click the arrow at the exit of the tent, or you can choose to return to your Spawn Point, an option located in the System menu.

21. How do I move more than one item in a stack at a time?
Hold the CTRL key while dragging the item where you want it. A display will pop up asking how many of the item you wish to move.

22. How do I open the mini-map?
The mini-map is located at the top right corner of the screen. There are some scenes that do not have the mini-map available, such as towns. When in an area that has access to the mini-map, you can toggle it on and off by clicking the small mini-map icon in the top right corner of the screen.

23. What do I do with my newbie equipment?
If you discard your newbie equipment, it gets destroyed. You lose your newbie spells when discarding your newbie equipment, so be sure you're ready to destroy the item first before getting rid of it.

24. How do I use the world chat?
When you are level 10 or above, you can obtain a radio from Bill by completing the "Dinner Incident" quest. By equipping the radio in your special equipment slot, you can speak on world chat.

25. If my pet runs away, will they still have their equipment?
If your pet runs away because of a low amity level, the equipment they were wearing will be destroyed.

26. What is the difference between the main characters?
Each character has a different newbie ability and equipment, as well as different stats to begin with.

27. What kind of effect does my choice of attribute have?
Your elemental attribute has a large impact when fighting. Attacks will cause more or less damage based on the elements of both the attacker and the defender.

The order of elements is:

Earth contains water.
Water extinguishes fire.
Fire manipulates wind.
Wind erodes earth.

Knowing the order of elements can be the key to winning a hard battle.

28. What do the abbreviations mean in the character information?
STR = Strength, WIS = Wisdom, INT = Intelligence, AGI = agility, and CON = constitution.

29. What is the purpose of the different stats in the character information?
STR affects your attacks (ATK), INT affects magical attacks (MAT), WIS affects your spell power (SP) and magic defense (MDF), AGI affects movement speed (SPD), and CON affects your hit points (HP) and Defense (DEF).

30. What's the relationship between abilities and attributes?
Fire will enhance your STR, Water will enhance your WIS, Wind will enhance your AGI, and Earth will enhance your CON.

31. How do I collect items that are on the ground? How do I open up chests, boxes, barrels, crates, vases, or any other containers I come across?
Left click on an item to pick it up. If you see any container that can be opened (they will be highlighted when you move your cursor over them), you can open it by left clicking the container, which will give you any item inside the container.

32. How do I use the vacuum cleaner?
Simply equip the vacuum cleaner to your special equipment slot, and then left click a collection point. You will continue to collect resources every five minutes until you move.

33. How do I use a fishing rod?
Open your inventory when you are close to water, and then double click the fishing pole. You will continue to fish until you move.

34. How do I get a tent?
Speak with the Astrologian in Kelan Village.、

35. How do I use my tent?
Open your inventory and double click the tent to open it. To walk inside simply click the tent after you've placed it on the ground. You can lay your tent in a town or public area to have it act as a store when you are away. If another player's tent blocks yours, you can either pick up your tent by right clicking on it in your inventory, or you can turn off viewing other players' tents, located in the system menu.

36. How do I buy more than one item from a shopkeeper or player stall?
Press CTRL on the item you wish to buy, then a window will pop up to type in the quantity of items you wish to buy.

37. How do I use Alchemy?
Any time you use Compounding, you are using alchemy. Keep in mind that when using alchemy, the resulting item's quantity will be that of the lowest quantity of item compounded.

38. How do I speak in the world chat?
Once you have obtained the wireless radio, you can speak in world chat by clicking the green button in the chat window. This will bring up the different channels that you can speak in. To speak in world chat, it costs 15SP per message.

39. How do I run my own vending stall?
Click on the commerce button for the different vending options. Movement is not allowed while operating a stall.

40. How can I get more than four pets without losing the ones in my party?
There are hotels that can accommodate your pets so that you can get new ones. You can also keep pets in your tent by making a bed.

41. How do I look at other player's vending stalls?
Double click the stall name.

42. How do I get coconuts?
Coconuts grow a couple of the trees in starter beach, or can be found in several other spots.

43. How do I enter a battle with another enemy?
There are two different enemies. One type will wander around the screen, and you can fight them by simply walking up to them. The other type can be randomly encountered in certain regions, simply by walking around.

44. How do I level up my spells?
The more you use a spell, the higher the level will be. Note that some assistant spells cannot increase in level unless they are used in battle.

45. How do I learn new spells?
New spells can be learnt through several methods. You can reach the level limit of a previous spell, opening up the next one in line, or you can learn a new spell by raising the appropriate stats (STR, AGI, WIS, CON, INT). You can look up the requirements for the next skill by clicking on the Skills button on the bottom right bar, and then looking under the "Intro" tab. Some will be learnt by finishing quests.

46. How do I return to my save point quickly?
You can return to your save point by going under the system menu and selecting “Spawn Point”. You can also set up the remote control to automatically return you to your last save point if certain conditions are met while automatically battling.

47. What is the punishment for dying?
When your character dies, you will lose experience. If a pet dies, it will lose experience and amity. You can avoid losing experience through the use of a protective exp pill, which can be obtained through quests or purchased in the item mall.

48. How do I change my nickname?
You can change your nickname by clicking the "Social" button on the bottom right bar and going to the "set up" tab.

49. Can I make my tent bigger? How?
There is an official that you can speak with in holy village to enlarge your tent in exchange for five stars and a title deed. Once you've completed this task, you can enlarge the tent even further by using a Space Contract or Space Agreement, which can be obtained through quests or purchased in the item mall.

50. How do I recycle my resources?
By using the recycling bin inside of your tent, you can create different "recycled" items from the ones you drop in the bin. To recycle an item, simply drag it and drop it onto the recycling bin. Some items cannot be recycled, and will be destroyed if you attempt to.

51. What if I run out of space at the Props keeper?
You can use your tent to store items through several means. You can build a storeroom to give you added storage space, or you can place Fortune Egg machines that can be used for storage as well.

52. How do I remove an item being used as an ingredient for compounding?
Right click the item underneath the pot.

53. What do I do if I break a piece of equipment, such as a gun or accessory?
Unfortunately, once an item is completely broken, it cannot be repaired.

54. How do I use tools such as the stone knife, planner, or great driver?
Several tools must be dropped onto the work platform in order to use them. Take the tool, drag it from your inventory, and drop it on the work platform. Double click the work platform to see what items you can make from the new tools.

55. How do I fight other players (known as PKing)?
To PK other players, you can click "join battle" if they have the PK option turned on. With the PK option turned on, there are also NPC characters that you can fight through the same method, such as the pigs in the Kelan pigpen

56. How do I cancel my next action during a battle?
If you are in the middle of selecting a target for an action, you can right click to go back to selecting an action. Unfortunately, once you have submitted your next action in battle, you are unable to take it back.

57. How do I automatically fight?
You can fight automatically by clicking the "auto" icon next to your character during a fight. The character will use whatever attack that they used last, or will use a normal attack if they lack the SP. To cancel automatic fighting, left-click the icon that says "auto" on the bottom right of the screen.

58. Why is my pet missing?
Chances are, if a pet is missing, it ran away because of low amity. Some battles require a high amity for your pets to join in, so it's very important to try and keep your pet alive. If the amity drops below 20, the pet will run away. 
59. How do I raise the amity of a pet?
By doing special quests or by improving your pets' level or by using special items with your pet, you can increase amity. There is also a variety of items available in the item mall for raising a pet's amity.

60. How can I get food for cheap?
The most inexpensive way to get food is to obtain it through fishing, or as loot from monsters. From there, you can use tools to cook the food into something of better quality.

61. How can I ride a pet?
Click the group button in the bottom right bar, and then click on the icon that either says "Ride", "Battle", or "Rest". Then click "Ride".

62. I can't find the furniture that I've purchased from the item mall.
Once you've purchased furniture from the item mall, go inside of your tent and click the icon on the bottom right corner of the screen that appears. You can drag your furniture out from there.

63. How many items can I stack in one inventory slot?
You can stack up to 50 of the same item, although some items cannot be stacked, such as equipment.

64. How do I use the cutting skill?
Any time you collect wood at a resource point, you will be using the cutting skill.

65. How do I use the fishing skill?
Double click your fishing pole next to a suitable area of water. Any time you catch a fish you will be using the fishing skill.

66. How do I use the mining skill?
Whenever you collect ore at a resource point, you are using the mining skill.

67. How many storeroom can I put in my tent?
You can put several storeroom in your tent, but they all share the same storage space. If your tent has a second floor, you can put a storeroom on each floor to save running up and down the stairs every time you need an item from the storeroom.

68. What do I do if I forget what I was doing in a quest, or missed something?
Talk with the Astrologian in Kelan village, and she will give you a notepad. When you use the notepad, it will show you what points you are at in your quests.

69. How do I recover my pet's HP and SP?
You can recover them through the same methods that you recover your main character's HP and SP. To feed your pet, change the selected character in your inventory by using the arrows above your character. The pet displayed is the one being fed. Your pet also recovers HP and SP when you take a bath or sit down.

70. How do I take a screenshot?
Pressing ALT+P.

71. Where can I accept quests from?
You can accept quests by talking with the NPCs in the various villages that you come across. You can also trigger some events by walking up to exclamation points on your mini-map.

72. How do I form a party with other players?
You can make a group by selecting "Join the Team" in the upper right bar. If you are the team leader, you can invite other people to join your team

73. How do I look at information about my pets?
Click on inventory, and then click the arrows above your character's head to change which pet is shown. Information on the pet will be listed below it.

74. Where can I find Aligote?
You can either use the compounding skill to create aligote from the proper ingredients, or you can find them hanging in the vineyards in Welling Village.

75. How do I obtain white clay?
You can collect white clay at an appropriate collection point. White clay can also be obtained from fishing or from opening a container containing it. Last, you can purchase it from the props shopkeeper in Welling Village.

76. How do I make a boat?
After obtaining the blueprint for the boat, it can be made by using the work platform.

77. Where do I find emoticons?
By clicking the "Friends" button on the bottom right bar, you can use emoticons, as well as set them to certain keys.

78. I've reached the required amount of attribute points to learn a new spell, but have not learned the spell yet. Why?
Spells that are learned through having an appropriate amount of attribute points are not learned until you have fought several battles.

79. Where is the elf's tear?
By going underneath the waterfall near Holy Village's entrance, you can find a secret cave that contains the Elf's Tear.

80. How do I stop selling items in my house?
Right click the item you wish to stop selling.

81. How do I grab items from my wardrobe or fortune egg machine?
Right click the item you wish to pull out of the wardrobe or fortune egg machine.

82. How do I select which pet fights with me during a battle? How do I change a pet in the middle of a fight?
To choose what pet goes into battle with you, click the Group icon in the bottom right menu bar, and then click where it says either "Battle", "Rest", or "Ride". You may only take one pet at a time in battle. To switch pets in the middle of a fight, on your character's action, select the Group icon, and change it how you normally would. Your character will not be able to do anything else for that round of combat.

83. If my skin is black, why are my wings red?
The color of your wings depends on the color of your eyes. Change your eye color to change the color of your wings

84. How do I start a guild?
Speak with the NPC on the third floor of Welling Village's event building. There is a 10,000 gold start-up fee for making a new guild.

85. I made my guild, but it was dismissed. Why?
When you make a new guild, you have a certain period of time to meet recruitment requirements. If you don't have enough people of a certain level range in your guild in the right period of time, the guild will vanish. A guild must have a certain number of players of the right level to stay in existence, or it will be removed.

86. How do I avoid enemies while walking?
Several quests offer items, such as mixed noodles, to avoid enemies while walking around. One of these quests is in Japan.

87. How do I dress up my pet with equipment?
You can equip your pet by going into your inventory and switching to the pet you want to equip items on by using the arrows above your character's head. Keep in mind that while you can equip your pet with armor, you cannot change a pet's physical appearance, other than the weapon that they are wielding. Drag equipment you want to equip onto your pet onto the appropriate equipment slots.

88. How do I run a vending stall?
Click on Business on the interface to run a vending stall. Movement is not allowed while running a vending stall.