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Magellan is in danger!

Target: Voyage Map(8869,10580)-Bosun of Magellan's fleet

Condition: Needs to resolve A Man in the Bar and Clive must in the team

Process: You meet Magellan at sea and knows Magellan has been kidnapped. Thus, you save him and Magellan joins the team.

Reward: 10% EXP Capsule*1, star*1, Magellan joins the team

Oceanic Water Monster

NPC: An unknown animal in the Voyage Map
Condition: None
Process: There is a strange and wonderful animal drifting around the Mediterranean Sea. Are you brave enough to find out what it is?

Reward: Special Jalap

Treasure Box of Water Monster

Location: Large-Intestine (2602, 1055)
NPC: Robinson
Condition: Water Monster
Process: You travel into the Water Monster’s belly where you meet up again with Robinson.  The last time you saw him he was on an isolated island after you suffered a shipwreck. What could be the matter? But more importantly what’s in the treasure box beside him?

Reward: Star*1

Attacked Ship

Location: Voyage Map (5991, 5147)
NPC: Zheng He
Condition: The quest Marine Exploration must have first been completed.
Process: You go to visit your old friend Zheng He. But when you get his ship, you find that his guardians have been hurt badly and there is no sign of Zheng He. Who attacked them and where is he?

Reward: Victory joins your team.

Puppet Master's Wish

NPC: Puppet Master in the Voyage Map (1382, 435)
Condition: None
Process: You come across the Puppet Master in the Water Monster's stomach.  He hopes that you will stop for a chat; will you?

Reward: Love Bouquets *1, 5% EXP Bolus*1, 1000 EXP

Food Poisoned

Target: Tatado, Tatasi or Tatana in the Philippines  
Prerequisite: Magellan must first be in your team 
Procedure: When you and Magellan go to the Philippine island, you'll meet Tatado and Tatasi. Their comrade Tatanan was poisoned when he ate some bad pork. Can you help them to help him? 

Rewards: Fog Rock*1, 1% EXP Capsule*1 


Sunk Treasure

Target: The helm in the sea 
Prerequisite: The Sunken Ship quest must be completed first to gain the submarine.  
Procedure: Go explore the sea by submarine and find the sunken ship. Go to have a see what treasures it holds! 

Rewards: 10% EXP Capsule*1 



Sick Sailors

Target: Colombo in his ship
Prerequisite: "Man-eater" quest must have been completed.
Tips: Colombo's sailors suffer from blood poisoning. You need to help Colombo collect the materials to make some medicine.


Reward: Magical Mirror*1


Betrayed Sailors

Target: Colombo in his ship
Prerequisite: None
Tips: After the long and tiring journey, most of the sailors in Colombo's ship are ready to mutiny. Help Colombo calm them down.


Reward: 2X Holy EXP Potion*1