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Production Introduction


As the name indicates, players can make a variety of fancy equipment, both for convenience and for looks. Using this system, players can utilize their creative abilities to the highest degree.

*Players start with a simple work bench. Through collecting common materials, such as coconuts from Starter Beach, Lauan wood, and Shale, players can make the basic tools needed to advance their manufacturing abilities (such as the coconut basin, the stone knife, and the wooden saw).


*After finishing making the coconut basin, players can collect white clay and firewood to create a Low-Temperature Kiln. From there, the player can create a Kitchen Range to cook food and prepare water, and a melting furnace to handle creating metal objects and components.

*Many large items, such as the loom, spinning machine, paper machine, cask, and wood bathtub are able to be made through using the wooden saw.

*A bench saw can be used to saw wood and manufacture larger items, such as parts for the different vehicles that the player can make. By making use of other tools for parts, you can create more tools, such as the Centrifuge and Manual Blender.

*A Carpenter's Lathe can be used for more complex wooden items. The shower room, water tank, windmill, auto loom, and auto spinning machine can all be created once the Carpenter's Lathe is in your tent.

*Many metal parts for advanced equipment can be created by using Grinding Equipment. A great deal of furniture and vehicles cannot be made without having some of the parts created from Grinding Equipment.

*The great driver is generally used to make firearms, such as the Arquebus and Bazooka, but also serves as a tool for creating some small furniture.

*The welding tool is great for making different large metal objects. The only way to construct a robot is through using a welding tool.


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