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Vehicle Introduction

There are many different methods of transportation available for you to create in the world. Vehicles require fuel in order to not take damage. Otherwise, the vehicle will break down. The player can carry fuel with them during game play to fuel up the vehicle if they run low, allowing for much greater distances to be traveled in vehicles. The red bar represents the vehicle' s health, while the blue bar represents the amount of fuel in the vehicle. A vehicle without a blue bar is either out of fuel or incapable of using fuel. Vehicles are required to get to some of the areas in the world.

This means that the MAX level of the blue bar represents the maximum level of the vehicles duration.

Vehicle Introduction:

Vehicle Time Costed Fuel Launch Out Tramp over Hill No Enemy Land Number of Riding


5 Min No × ï¼ × 1


3 Min No × ï¼ × 2

Hot-air Balloon

30 Min Liquid Gas 1
42 Min Diesel Oil × ï¼ × 2

Magic Carpet

32 Min Magic Wool Ball × × 1
30 Min Diesel Oil 2
Mighty Plane
60 Min Hot Water 2
60 Min Magnet Stone 1
Steam Ship
30 Min Coal Block × ï¼ × 4
50 Min Diesel Oil × × × 1
Turtle Car
60 Min Unleaded Gasoline × × 2
50 Min Unleaded Gasoline × × 2
60 Min Great Gasoline × × 4
60 Min Great Gasoline × ï¼ × Unknown
60 min High Uranium × × 4

Space Craft

60 min

Fine Uranium

NPC Ship 0 Min Ticket × ï¼ × 1

Special Function:
By using an UFO the player can be transported anywhere in the city very fast. Also should the player encounter any enemies then their HP and SP can be restored by the Robots.
Vehicles can also be used to avoid fights (Except the Robot). Air vehicles can be used to travel across mountains to save some walking.

Fuel Introduction:

Icon Fuel Material Time Costed
  No The vehicle can be used only for a certain period of time. You should pay for it. -
Liquid Gas
(20 Crude Oil Equipment)
Oil (Oil, 12 Min=Crude oilx5+Firewood x 8) x 8 +Firewood x 2 116 Min
Diesel Oil
(16 Crude Oil Equipment)
Crude oil x 5+Firewood x 6 16 Min
Magic Wool Ball
(8 Auto Spinning Machine)
Cotton Thread (Cotton Thread, 1 Min = Cottonx1) x 12+Sheepskin x 8+Dye x 4 20 Min
Hot Water
(20 Automatic Filter)
Boiled Water (Boiled Water, 1 Min=Fresh Water x 2+Firewood x 5) x 12+Firewood x 4 32 Min
Magnet Stone
(27 Grinding Equipment)
Magnetx16+ Iron Material (Iron Material, 2 Min=Iron Ore x 2 +Firewood x 2) x 2 31 Min
Unleaded Gasoline
(16 Crude Oil Equipment)
Oil(Oil, 12 Min=Crude oil x 5 + Firewood x 8) x 2+Firewood x12 40 Min
Great Gasoline
(20 Crude Oil Equipment)
Oil(Oil, 12 Min=Crude oil x 5+Firewood x 8) x 4 + Firewood x 15 68 Min
Coal Block
(13 Low-Temperature Kiln)
Coal (Coal, 2 Min = Coal Ball +Firewood) x 8+Tar x 4[Refine the Tar and Coal Ball] 29 Min

High Uranium

Half Uranium*2+Firewood*3 35 Min
Fine uranium Bluestone*3 30 Min
  Ticket Point Card -

If the player is using the vehicles required fuel then it will be used up first before the value of the vehicle.

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