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The Piper's snake flute

Target: Snake Charmer

Condition: None

Process: Player promises Piper to find his lost flute and sees a little boy being attacked by a group of snakes. The little boy gives the snake flute to player after he has been saved. And then player returns it to Piper and gets a reward.

Reward: Star*1,Stone Ball*1


Mysterious Indian elder

Target: Indian Monk

Condition: None

Process: Talks with Indian Monk in Calcutta of India and promises him to get Snake's Biliary for him. Enters Snake Cave to fight with little snakes and Snake Lord. Player will get reward after giving the Snake's Biliary to Indian Monk.

Reward: Learn Volley skill(cost Star*2)


Fashionable villager

Target: Villager

Condition: None

Process: A villager in Calcutta wants to make a snake coat and hopes player can help him to collect the needed material.

Reward: 3% EXP Capsule*1,Tight Waistband*1


Delicious Curry

Target: Boy

Condition: None

Process: A boy in Calcutta needs: Sugar *6, Onion *5, Spring Onion *4 and Caraway *3

Rewards: Curry Rice *30(HP+1200 SP+600)


Snake in the House!

Target: Villager in Calcutta
Prerequisite: The "Piper's Snake Flute" quest must have been completed.

Tips: There's a Giant Snake in the house? Enter the house to defeat it and then give it back to the Piper.


Reward: 1% EXP Bolus*1