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Parent's heart

Target: Woman in the Cubby House

Condition: ã€€

Process: Go to Mystery Forest, find Doerr and then go back to the woman to complete the quest.

Rewards: 500EXP and Love Bouquets*1

Is it a cow or a horse?

Target: Duckriver

Condition: ã€€

Process: Go to Bangkok, talk to Duckriver, have Black Horse join your group and then enter the palace after going through a bunch of dialogue.

Rewards: Pet Lethe Scroll*1

Sacred Fruit

Target: Villager in a house at the extreme northern end of the village
Process: Go to Bangkok and have a talk with the Villager who will ask you to help him collect 3 apples and 6 watermelons.
Rewards: Dark Chocolate*3 and Fruit Wine*5

The Alchemists Dream-Change stones to gold

Target: Bangkok Palace

Is it a cow or a horse? 

Process: Two Fights involved
Fight No.1
Premier Trados: Earth, Level 108, 15824 HP and Stone Wall mastery
Trados's Pawn Earth, Level 65 and 3600 HP
Trados's Pawn Fire, Level 65 and3600 HP
Trados's Pawn: Water, Level 36, 3800 HP and Freezing Spell mastery
Trados's Pawn: Wind, Level 36 and 3800 HP

Fight No.2
Trados Monster: Wind, Level 140 and 32450 HP
Immortal Mummy: Earth, Level 87 and 5350 HP (Terrafication mastery)
Immortal Mummy: Fire, Level 87 and 5350 HP (Mess Spell mastery)
Immortal Mummy: Water, Level 87 and 5350 HP (Recovery mastery)
Immortal Mummy: Wind, Level 88 and 5350 HP (Coma Spell mastery)

PS1: 1. Assistant skills will be activated in Fight No.2
   2. Reinforcements will be triggered in 2 fights.

Rewards: 10% EXP Capsule *1


Alfer Gorge


Condition You must complete the quest of Directing a Monster

Process: After you arrive at Angkor Aisle, turn left, walk up to the cliff and slide down the slope into a cave. Once you are in combat, Charlotte will come to help you.

Rewards: 500 EXP gained



Test from the Sunlight God


Condition: ã€€

Process: Fight No1:One Boss Moai+ Seven Moai

Fight No.2: Shading Puppet Lord (Water, Water Thunder Attack mastery, Level 10 Sleep and Water Shield) + Shading Puca*7

Fight No.3: One Androsphinx + Anubis*2+ Scorpion King*3
FYI:Kill Scorpion King first, and then combat Anubis.
Fight No.4: Kenter*1 + Terma Dragon*2 (Earth) + Water Dragon *1 (Sleep mastery)
FYI:kill Terma Dragon first

Fight No. 5[valid within 2 hours]: Dragon God (Wind and level 180) + Door Gods *3
FYI: Kill Water Door God or Earth Door God first.

The final fight: Mahabrahman + Governors of Test Arena
1. It never works when you activate Hot Potato to deplete Mahabrahman 's spirit. His physical attacks will deal huge damage.

2. Leave these three holy beasts alone. Their death will generate high level mobs to attack you.

Rewards: Profession Transfer,15% EXP Capsule*1,Sun God's Oracle*1 and Bodhi Seed*1

Ma Stone

Target: Elven Elder

Condition: You must complete the quests of Directing Monster and Alfer Gorge

Process: Talk to the Elven Elder who will ask you to help him get a Ma Stone and send a message to Charlotte telling her to go to Holy Land first. Charlotte can be found in the Main Town of Angkor. After having a chat with her, she will open a door. Go in to kill the holy beasts.
Holy Beast profile:
Lion Dove: Earth, Level 110 and 15000 HP
Lion Dove: Water, Level 110, 15000 HP and Sleep mastery

After Ma Stone is looted, deliver it to the Elven Elder to complete your quest.

Rewards: Charlotte joins you


Monster's Direction

Target: Main Town Path in Angkor Wat

Condition: The quest Monster's Participation must have been completed first.

Process: Go to the Main Town Path from the Angkor Secret Path and then activate the quest automatically. After that, the monster will leave your team.

Rewards: None


First Trial

Target: Bangkok
Condition: The quest Test from the Sunlight God must have been completed and the Sun God's Oracle must be with you in the bag.

Process: Enter Buddha's Temple and talk with the Accession Official there. He will help you release the potential power.

Rewards: Forgotten Scroll*4, Crystal*1, Class's Manteau*1, Transfer Class successfully.


Mao and Xao Mo

Target: The Guard outside Bangkok 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: Go to the Wish Forest to find the big monster Mao.  Then help Mao to find Xao Mo in Bangkok. 


Rewards: 2.5X Holy EXP Potion, Star*1 


It's Too Late

Target: Sydney in the port of Bangkok
Prerequisite: None
Tips: She's one very weird professor. 

Rewards: 3,000 EXP, Protective EXP Pill*2