| Chang'an |


The Builder of the Wall

Target: Chang'an


Process: When you reach the Great Wall, turn right, run across a builder and give him a Handcart to complete the quest.

Rewards: 3X Holy EXP Potion

Tumulus in the east suburb of Chang'an

Target: ã€€


Process: You will find a cave at the coordinates X4982, Y1415. Enter the cave and combat the two Clay Generals and 6 Clay Soldiers
Clay General: Earth, Level 120 and 17580 HP
Clay General: Fire, Level 125 and 17150 HP
Clay Soldiers*4 (Water, Fire, Earth and Wind): 900 HP.
You must click on a treasure chest to activate the quest.

Rewards: 3X EXP Potion*1 Tomb Path Map *1

Chinese Arena Competition

Target: The Arena in Chang'n


Process: Opponents: Fire, Level 160 and 15000 HP

Rewards:X EXP Potion*1

Granny' new bucket
Process:Go to the well to visit the Granny who will tell you that her Pail is broken and will ask you to help her get a new one.
Rewards:Smile Mud Statue *3

Dragon Spirit's trial
Process:Underground Tumulus
1. There is a passage at the bottom of the Underground Tumulus accessing the Mystic Pathway (X:1474Y:355)
2. Click on the status of the Dragon God to combat a Dragon Guardian Level 120 with 10000 HP.
3. Enter the passage to fight against the Stone Soldiers
4  Click on the status of the Dragon God to be asked if you want to continue and challenge the Shadowy Dragonkin *3 (Level 165 and 58000 HP), Dragon Spirit *1 (Level 180 and 60000 HP) and Dragon Spirit Guard *4 (Level 155 and 49000 HP)
Rewards:Dragon Sword (atk+15, spd+30 and critical strike chance 14%) or Dragon Soul Wand (matk+15, spd+28 and critical strike chance 14%)
15% EXP Capsule*1,Forgotten Scroll*1

Process: Go to the Great Wall to receive a quest from the General. Click on the Question Mark in the Subway to destroy the Rebel Forces and then go back to the General to complete the quest.
The rebel forces:
Earth Rebel Forces: Level 70 and 750 HP
Fire Rebel Forces: Level 70 and 754 HP
Water Rebel Forces: Level 70 and 629 HP
Wind Rebel Forces: Level 70 and 740 HP
Rewards: Undead Bird Feather*2 And Star*1

Wall Soldiers Problems
Target: The Wall Soldiers
Condition: ã€€
Process: Go to the Great Wall Routeway and click on the Ghost Inspector to answer his questions:
Rewards: 300 EXP gained and Riddle Paper*10

No ink now!
Target: Picture Vendor
Condition: One Prepared Chinese Ink in inventory
Process: Go talk to the Picture Vendor at the coordinates X:1022, Y:855 He will tell you he needs one Prepared Chinese Ink. Give him the Prepared Chinese Ink to complete the quest.
Rewards: 2X EXP Potion *1 and Big Buns*20

Crane Hunting
Process: Read the news bulletin and learn the Emperor has been seriously ill, but is looking for Crane's blood to help him recover. Anyone who can help collect Crane's blood will be rewarded.
Crane's coordinate: x:2222 y:2255
Click on the Crane and make a selection between saving its life or taking its blood.
Save the crane's life: Combat Soldiers
Take its blood: Rewarded with Bullion*2
Rewards: 2X EXP Potion *1 Secular Bird's Blood*1

Nangonchon's fellow
Target: ã€€
Condition: You must complete the quests of Crane Hunting and Assassins Plot
Process: Enter the newly added teleport point in the scenario of Chang'an. Have a talk with Nangonchon who will ask you to help him find his fellas. You will enter another realm called Vale Lake via a teleport point and will bump into Lordling Zhan who is being attacked by Liyi. Enter the fight to help Lordling Zhan out.
Liyi's Pawn: Earth, Level 85, 1234 HP
Liyi's Pawn: Fire, Level 85 and 1085 HP
Liyi's Pawn: Water, Level 90 and 1034 HP
Liyi: Water, Level 120 and 13580 HP.
Rewards: 2X EXP Potion *1 5% pet EXP Capsule *1

Paper is expensive
Target: Scholar
Condition: 10 pieces of paper in inventory
Process Go to Civillian's House and give the Scholar 10 pieces of paper to complete the quest.
Rewards: Pork buns *10 Forgotten Scroll*1

Lack of Rice
Target: Villager
Condition: ã€€
Process: Go to Civillian's House(X:2172,Y:670) in Chang'an and give Villager Rice*10
Rewards: Ship Voucher*3


Vendor's lover
Target: Xaohui
Condition: You must complete the quest of No Ink Now
Process: Help the Picture Vendor send a message to Xaohui and give her 5000 gold
Rewards: Riddle Paper*20  Forgotten Scroll*1


Assassins Plot
Target: Masked Swordsman
Condition: You must complete the quest of Crane Hunting
Process: Go to the Longai Hotel and activate the quest after bumping into two Swordsmen. You will be forced to combat these two Swordsmen whose levels are between 90 and 94 and HP are 3500
Rewards: 1% EXP Capsule and 1.5X EXP Potion


The Bully gets what he deserves
Target: Tea House Owner
Condition: You must complete the quest of The Lost Buffalo
Process: Have a talk with a Tea House Owner and then enter combat against two earth mobs with 107589 HP each and one fire mob with 104589 HP
Rewards: 800 EXP gained and 1.5X EXP Potion


Wine Maker's Worry
Target: Brewster
Condition: Firewood*10
Process: Go talk with Brewster and give him Firewood*10 to complete the quest.
Rewards: Plain Noodles*5(hp+800sp+400) and Sake*3


Rescue Laifu
Target: Chunli
Condition: Ladder in your inventory
Process: Go to Chang'an and ask Chunli to rescue Laifu.
Rewards: Wonderful Buns*10 and Pet Lethe Scroll*2


Younger brother saves companion
Condition: Common Stone *1 in inventory
Process: Go to Wumen Arena and visit Sima to activate the quest after giving him one Common Stone.
Rewards: Jade Grass *1

The lost buffalo
Target: Gouzi
Condition: ã€€
Process: Click on Gouzi and help him get one Easy-going Buffalo
Rewards: Pet Lethe Scroll*1

Xu Fu's Trial
Condition: You must complete the quest of Dragon Spirit's trial
Process: Get into a secret passage beside the statue in the Dragon Spirit's trial and click on Xu Fu to enter combat against 8 Level 120 Generals
General Shangguang: 32000 HP
General Zhuge: 32000 HP
General Ouyang: 32000 HP
General Murong: 32000 HP
4 more Generals will be generated after these four Generals are killed
Rewards: SP cost goes up to 191when activating Fervidity
SP cost goes up to 191 because of a Collapse caused when stunning enemies at a certain time.
SP cost goes up to 191 when Curdle is activated along with a certain chance of freezing your enemies.
SP cost goes up to 191 when Fast is activated along with a certain chance of paralyzing your enemies.

Pretended Dragon

Target: In Chang'an, click the 2nd pole on the right about 100 times.
Condition: None

Process: Click the pole about 100 times and get the rewards.

Rewards: Forgotten Scroll*1

The Emperor's Bedroom

Location: Dragon Bead (562, 455) in Chinshi Huang's Tomb of Chang'an

Condition: The quest First Trial must have first been completed.  Also a payment of five stars must be made to accept the challenge.
Process: You can learn the class skill here, but are you really ready for the challenge?  It won't be easy...

Rewards: Learn the special skill for each class.

Scholar in Longai Hotel

Location: Chang'an
NPC: Scholar
Condition: None
Process: A scholar in the Longai Hotel is often heard reading poems loudly, but who could he be?

Rewards: 1% EXP Bolus *1

The Scholar who went to Beijing for Exams

Location: Chang'an
NPC: The scholar on the 2nd floor of the hotel.
Condition: The quest Scholar's trouble must have first been completed.
Process: A scholar lost his four Treasures of Study on the way to Beijing. But, without them he is not allowed to enter the examination room. Can you help him to collect them?

Rewards: Forgotten Scroll*1, Star*1, 500 EXP

Divine Kirin

Location: Chang'an
NPC: Villager
Condition: None
Process: It's said that there is a divine Kirin who guards the Vale Lake. If you are able to defeat it then you may be able to get the treasure in the lake.

Rewards: Magical Egg*2, 5% EXP Capsule*1

Adult Ceremony Test

Location: Chang'an
NPC: The Examiner in Vale Jungle (1562, 1115)
Condition: Your must be at least level 50
Process: You can do this quest once you have reached level 50. There are 3 tests in this trial. Are you ready?

Rewards: 3X Holy EXP Potion*1, Phoenix Feather *3

No 300 Taels of Gold Here

Location: Great Wall Passage
NPC: Old Gentleman
Condition: None
Process: An Old Man at Great Wall Passage seems to be guarding a treasure box but he is constantly yelling at passersby that there is no gold inside...What could be going on?

Rewards: 1% EXP Bolus*1, 2X Holy EXP Potion

Luban's Hammer

NPC: Luban in Chang'an
Condition: None
Process: Luban was in the middle of repairing the roof when he lost his hammer.  He cannot complete the job without it.  Will you help him to get a new one?

Rewards: Fierce Necklace*1

Treasure Box's Secret

Location: The treasure box in the Curved Cave of Chang'an
Condition: None
Process: A treasure box is discovered in the Curved Cave but it also attracts a huge orangutan.  You must try your best to draw the orangutan away.

Rewards: Protective EXP Pill*2, 1100 EXP

Herbal Research

Target: Old Gentleman in Chang'an 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: This is the pharmacists!!! So he must be the famous Doctor Lee!!! 

Rewards: Phoenix Feather*2 Glaze Bag*1 


Target: Villager in Chang'an house 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: Talk to the villager in the Chang'an house, he will ask you to help him find his lost brother-- called Wino Cai. Go to find Wino Cai and defeat him. Then help him to make the best sword he can then return to visit the villager.  

Rewards: 2X Holy EXP Potion*1, Protective EXP Pill*3 

BBQ Pork Bun

Target: Xao Sun in Chang'an 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: Xao Sun wants some BBQ Pork Buns, but he doesn't have enough money. Would you be willing to get some for him? 

Rewards: Small Love Bouquet*1, EXP +800 



Wanted Notice

Target: Western Woodland in Chang'an
Prerequisite: "The Cursed Scroll" and "Save Unicorn" quests must have been completed.
Tips: Enter the forest through the transportation spot at the bottom left corner in Chang'an. Help Hayate defeat the ninjas.

Reward: Hayate's Amity +4



Target: Villager in the Chang'an House
Prerequisite: None
Rewards: 2X Holy EXP Potion*1, Protective EXP Pill*3
Tips: Help the villager find his brother, Wino Cai. After you find him, you have to help Wino Cai make a sword before he'll go back to meet his brother.

Chinese Culture

Target: Xao Ru in Chang'an
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Speak to the Xao Ru, and she will ask some questions about China.
Reward: Mini Dragonfly*1, 800 EXP

PvP For Fun

Target: General Wu on the Great Wall
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: The General Wu is bored and he wants to pick a fight with you to relieve his boredom. Will you accept his challenge?
Reward: 3.5X Holy EXP Potion*1, 8,000 EXP


The Kongmin Lantern

Target: Wolong in Chang'an
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Meet Wolong in Chang'an. He has a new invention, but if you want to try this new item, you have to answer his questions first!
Reward: Bliss Lamp*15