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Dining time!

Target: Villager (Female)

Condition: ã€€

Process: Go to Machu Picchu, look for the Villager in a Civilian’s House and accept her quest to find her son. After that, go to the woods and talk to Naya (X:4162, Y:3795), asking him to go home .

Rewards: 1.5X Holy EXP Potion

Oh! Vase!

Target: Ware Maker

Condition: Dry Clay*5, Yellow Clay*10 and Gold Foil*1

Process: Go talk to Ware Maker in Civillian's House and give him Dry Clay*5, Yellow Clay*10 and Gold Foil*1. Gold Foil can be found in a chest buried in an underground path. The entrance is hidden somewhere in the village.

Rewards: Baked Potato*1

Secrets of the Ocean Heart (7)

Target: ã€€

Condition: Ladder

Process: Go to Machu Picchu and pickpocket the item placed in the Nest (X:2182 Y:675) there

Rewards: Ocean Heart Piece

Big-Eye Monster

Target: Big-Eye Monster in Inca (X: 782, Y: 3575)
Condition: None

Process: In Inca you'll meet the Big-Eye Monster, and it will ask you not to tell anyone about it. Then you will get a reward.

Reward: Pet Return Scroll*1


Evil Envoy Eva

Target: Inca
Condition: None

Process: You will see a weird bottle in the Magic Array. Eva will jump out of it and invite you to help the Evils. Eva will join your team if you defeat her.

Reward: Eva will then be your pet.


The Lost Princess

Target: Inca
Condition: The quest Sibling Love must have been completed and Qlaya must be in your team.

Note: If the quest Sibling Love has been done but Qlaya is not your pet, you cannot activate this quest.

Process: There is one Qlaya's statue in the Incan palace, what does that mean? Qlaya is Bundrick's daughter? If you don't have the Hope Necklace, just click Bundrick again.

Rewards: Star*1, Hope Necklace*1


The Wizards Magic Mirror

Target: Inca
Condition: Eva must be in your team

Process: You will meet a cute cat when you reach Machu Picchu, he will say he used to be a human, but he was transformed into a cat by the Wizard's magic.

Reward: 4X Holy EXP Potion

Luna Clan

Target: Inca
Condition: The quest Lost Princess must have been completed.

Process: In the secret path of Machu Picchu palace, there are two Yanasi' statues, but one of them has the Hope Necklace. It seems there is some special connection between Qlaya and the Hope Necklace.

Reward: 5% EXP Capsul*1