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Sea changel



The Turtle is Afraid of the Iron Gavel

Target: Old Sea Turtle in the Sea Channel
Condition: None

Process: The turtle wants you play a game with him and if you win, you will receive a reward.

Rewards: Pet Return Scroll, 300 EXP 



The Naughty Fish Plays Hide and Seek

Target: The Sea Channel
Condition: None

Process: Play Hide and Seek with the naughty fish.  If you find it you will be well rewarded.

Rewards: 3% EXP Bolus*2





Shiny Item in the Sea

Target: Sea Channel
Condition: You must first have a submarine

Process: Just click on the shiny thing and make an active answer

Reward: Star*1


Strong Man's Tender Feelings

Location: The treasure box from the sunken ship in the sea
Condition: You should have a submarine.
Process: When you open the treasure box on the sunken ship, a ghostly Spirit Captain appears...
Who could he be?

Reward: 2.5X Holy EXP Potion*1