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Play the Game

1. After finishing the installation, double click the Wonderland Online icon on the desktop.
2. In the game interface, you will see "Enter Game, Sign Up, Screen Settings, and Leave Game"

3. Click 'Sign Up' to create an account.

4. Please read the terms of the user agreement and click 'I Agree' to continue with registration.

5. Log in with your account and password and click 'Confirm'. If you're not a member yet, please choose 'Sign Up' to become a member.

6. If you needed to sign up as a member, then fill out the account and password again and click "Confirm". If you were already a member, go on to step 8.

7. Click the 'Enter Game' icon on the following interface. You should see an updated profile, if so click 'Confirm'. (If you have installed a firewall on your computer, you should set it to 'Allow Wonderland Online to run', otherwise the game may not operate properly.)

8. If there are still some files that must be updated, click on 'Begin Updating' or you just need to click 'Enter Game'. Choose 'I Agree' on the agreement. After updating, you can log into the game.

9.Select a server and log in with your account and password, and then you can create game characters as you wish.