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Create Character

When installation is complete, you can enter the game. Character creation is simple if you follow these steps.

1. Click 'Create Character' and follow the steps to set it up. Each account can create two characters.

2. Choose a character then input your character's name in the name bar.

3. Each character has different stat points that indicate that characters strengths and weaknesses. Besides the original points, players have an additional 5 stat points to apply to their characters to make them unique.

4. Players can choose an attribute for their character from Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

5. The color palette is where players can change their characters' colors, including hair color, skin color, clothes colors and eye color.

6. Players can enter the game by set a Secret code. The Secret code is very important and is needed for character deletion.

Attribute Settings

Players can make friends with other players belonging to different attributes. With a diverse group the team has a higher possibility of winning fights. Players can choose their attribute when they create their character:


Earth spells are derived from the power of earth. Earth is superior to water but, inferior to wind. High defense is its advantage. 


Water spells are derived from the power of water. Water is superior to fire but, inferior to earth. Attack assists are its advantage.


Fire spells are derived from the power of fire. Fire is superior to wind but, inferior to water. Powerful attacks are its advantage.


Wind spells are derived from the power of wind. Wind is superior to earth, but inferior to fire. Agility is its advantage.

Allocate points

Players have to not only choose attributes for their characters, but also to adjust their characters' points. Different options stand for their characters' different abilities. The points obtained from leveling up can be allocated to these abilities according to players' preference.

STR: STR affects the attack power and the hit chance. An enemy with high STR points excels in physical attacks.

INT: When your character is mana-based, INT is vitally important for you. Increasing INT points will increase the attack effect of spells. High INT will exert greater damage upon enemies. Additionally, INT affects the spells hit chances.

WIS: Increasing WIS points will raise the SP limit and enable players to learn more assistant skills. High WIS will improve magical defense and reduce the damage taken by magical spells.

AGI: High AGI points enable players to attack quickly, which is quite important during combat. Players with the same AGI points can attack an enemy at the same time.

CON: Constitution is necessary for HP and defense, as both are increased by constitution. The higher the defense, the lower the damage will be caused by others. And also, the higher the defense means the higher the dodge and attack rates.