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Help Watching the House

Location: Athens
NPC: Hyeres
Condition: None
Process: Hyeres, who is in his house in Athens, has asked you to help him watch his house while he is away.  He promises that the reward will be worth it. But after you accept he leaves and never returns...

Reward: Ship Voucher*1 or 3% EXP Bolus *1 or 5% EXP Bolus*1


Beast Trainer's Treasure

Location: Athens
NPC: Akii in Fisherman's Home
Condition: None
Process: The beast trainer is using a big and terrible beast to guard his treasure. But if you can defeat the beast you will be worthy of the treasure within it.

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule *1, 3X Holy EXP Potion *1, Glaze Bag*2



Dangerous Turtle Isle

Location: Athens
NPC: Sailor in Fisherman's Home
Condition: The quest Curse of the Ghost Ship must have first been completed
Process: You hear from a sailor that the Beard Pirates are looking for Kidd and want to catch him. He also tells you that not to go to Turtle Isle. But is could that place really be so dangerous?

Reward: 1% EXP Capsule *1, 2X Holy EXP Potion*1


Dirty Pool

Location: Athens
NPC: Village Leader
Condition: The quest Help Watching the House must have first been completed.
Process: The Pool in Athens has been polluted but by what and by who? Can you help the citizens of Athens find out the cause and the culprit behind this travesty?

Reward: Forgotten Scroll*1, 1000 EXP


Fishing Uncle

Location: Athens
NPC: Clark
Condition: Your must be at least level 50
Process: Clark isn't any good at fishing and many people laugh at him because of this. You meet him at the river bank where he has been all day without catching a single fish.  Will you help him with his problem?

Reward: 1% EXP Bolus*1, 800 EXP


The Mystery in the Book

Location: Athens
NPC: The book in the 2F of Executive House
Condition: None
Process: You find a pile of discarded books on the floor, you go to put away them in the bookcase.  But when you do something strange happens...

Reward: Protective EXP Pill*1, 3X Holy EXP Potion*1


Nether General's Ambition

Location: Athens
NPC: Priestess in the Small Hall
Condition: Both the Melhilis's Blessing and Pandora's Box quests must have first been completed.
Process: When you get there you find both Dracula and Medusa busy torturing a beautiful priestess.  You must stop them and find out why they are doing this by fighting them.

Reward: Sun Badge*1, 5% EXP Bolus*1, 3000 EXP


Immortal Grass

Location: Athens
NPC: Dairy Cattle
Condition: None
Process: It is said that there is a common Dairy Cow that can speak in Athens! Wow, so weird you'd better go and visit it before it gets to famous for it's own good...

Reward: Forgotten Scroll*1, Fairy Grass*1


The Strange Sound from the Mayan Cellar

Location: Athens
NPC: Villager in the house
Condition: None
Process: A villager tells you of the strange and spooky sounds that emanate from his cellar at night. Do you dare go investigate?

Reward: 1% EXP Capsule*1


Dispute in Bar

Location: Athens
NPC: The sailor in the Fisherman's Home
Condition: You should team up with three or less friends to take on this task.
Process: At the Fishermen's house, you find some devious rascals who are hell bent on causing evil. A very drunk man fights alongside you; but who is he?
Reward: Louis' Watch*1, 2000 EXP


Meet Louis Again

Location: Athens
NPC: Louis
Condition: The quest Dispute in Bar must first been completed. Also you should have Louis'Watch
Process: You see Louis being tied to a tree as a punishment for not paying his bill at the hotel.  Will you help him out of this sticky situation?

Rewards: Louis joins in your team, Arquebus*1


 Missing Homework

Target: Little kid in the Athens House 
Prerequisite: The Immortal Grass must have been completed first 
Procedure: He's been a very, very naughty boy 

Reward: 2.5X Holy EXP Potion*1 


Dark Cerberus

Target: Villager in Athens
Prerequisite: "Beast Trainer's Treasure" quest must have been completed.
Tips: You hear that a horrible beast attacked the villagers, so you go to investigate it and find out that the Beast Trainer was controlled by the 6 Hell Generals.

Reward: Shining Spar*1, 5% EXP Capsule*1


To Be a Musician

Target: Gaby in Athens
Prerequisite: None
Tips: Gaby needs a Cough Drop to protect her voice. Can you help her?

Reward: 2X Holy EXP Potion*1


Quatermain's Treasure

Target: Kidd in Athens
Prerequisite: The 'Protect Treasure' quest must have been completed and you must have the Little Ring
Procedure: When you reach the hotel in Athens, you'll meet Kidd there. He will then ask you for the Little Ring. But why does he want this ring?

Reward: 6X Holy EXP Potion, Super Potential Pill