| Yamataikoku |


The Old Love Letter

Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: The villager in a house
Condition: None
Process: The villager placed the precious love letters from his wife in a sealed coffer but he has forgotten the password.  Due to the fact that he is unable to lay his hands on the letters to prove that he still cherishes them, his wife believes that he no longer loves her and has thrown them away. Can you help him?

Reward: Star*1, Protective EXP Pill*3

The Guard's Letter from Home

Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: Shiv Guard
Condition: None
Process: The Shiv Guard in Yamataikoku dearly misses his wife, but he doesn't have the time to go back and visit her. Can you help him to deliver a letter to his wife?

Reward: Olla Seafood Noodles *5, Smile Mud Statue *1


The History of Yamataikoku

Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: Villager
Condition: None
Process: A villager in Yamataikoku wants to quiz you on the history of the village.

Reward: Star*1

Sea Salt Sushi

Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: Villager in a house.
Condition: None
Process: The villager needs more ingredients to make Sea Salt Sushi, can you help them to collect some more?

Reward: Protective EXP Pill *3


Beast Odor

Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: Sharon in the Hotel
Condition: The Orachi quest must have first been completed.
Process: You'll meet a man called Sharon who has a mysterious odor of beasts. You are so curious that you decide to follow him...

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule*1, 10000 EXP


Location: 2F of Officiant Palace in Yamataikoku
Condition: None
Process: You'll come across a Female Ninja in the middle of stealing something but she disappears as soon as she sees you. But when the, Lion General's treasure is stolen the spotlight of blame falls on you. You must find the Female Ninja to prove your innocence.

Reward: Star*1, 2X Holy EXP Potion*1

Disturbing Ninja

Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: Shiv Guard
Condition: None
Process: Can you help the guard to get rid of the four troublesome Ninjas who are disturbing the villagers?

Reward: Forgotten Scroll*1

Birthday Gift

Target: Jam in Yamataikoku 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: Talk to Jam and he will ask you to help him to find his mother. When you meet his mother, she will ask you to catch a Platinum Beetle to give to Jam as a birthday gift. Once you have completed this task you can go back to meet Jam's mother to get a reward. 

Reward: Small Love Bouquet*1

Cursed Power

Target: Hotel in Yamataikoku
Prerequisite: "Protect the Cursed Scroll" quest must have been completed.
Tips: In a hotel at Yamataikoku you will see Kurokawa and Hayate fighting. You join them, but in the end Hayate loses her life for saving you.

Reward: Star*2

Cursed Scroll

Target: Lion General in Yamataikoku
Prerequisite: Hayate must be in your team. "Run after to Kill" quest must have been completed.
Tips: Many powerful countries have been searching for this mysterious scroll.

Reward: 2X Holy EXP Potion*1

Kikutaro's Dream

Target: Kikutaro in Yamataikoku
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: You'll meet Kikutaro in Yamataikoku. He wants to be a famous model, but he needs to lose some weight first, can you help him out? The Amazing Diet Pill in Kyoto may be able to help!
Reward: Star*1, 8,000 EXP