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Soldier's Treasure

Target: Soldier outside of the Arena 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: The soldier lets you look at his really precious blue box.  But what could be inside it? 

Reward: Doting Chocolate*1 


Gold Treasure

Target: In the cave in the top right corner of the Roman Hunting Ground 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: Once you have obtained the key from the villager you can go into the cave and get the treasure. 

Reward: Gold Block*5, 5% EXP Capsule*1 



Target: The mathematician in the Roman house 
Prerequisite: Math Magic quest must first be completed 
Procedure: The mathematician's son has been kidnapped! It seems that the mathematician is also a famous military strategist who the despicable Persians wanted to use.  But he wouldn't betray his country! So they took his son and said they'd kill him if he didn't help them... Can you help him to rescue his son Leo? 

Reward: 3.5X Holy EXP Potion*1, Protective EXP Pill*3 


Crisis behind Peace

Target: Officer in the Roman senate 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: The officer in the Senate said that the Persians had sent an envoy here under the subterfuge of wishing to improve relations.  But it seems like they have been using the opportunity to take many small countries all over... He knew they were not to be trusted! 

Rewards: 3% EXP Capsule*1, Forgotten Scroll*1 



Heave Levy

Target: The Cookie Master in the Roman hotel 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: Once you have entered the hotel you wish to buy some cookies, but they are far too expensive. The Cookie Master tells you that the soldiers have demanded such high taxes that he can't afford to sell the cookies for less.  The new tax rules are killing his business! 


Rewards: 3% EXP Capsule*1 


One-eyed Giant

Target: Solider in the Colosseum
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: A One-eyed Giant has escaped from the steel chain. You have to stop it from escaping the dungeon.

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule*1


Wanted Frederico

Target: Rome Hotel
Prerequisite: The King Howert quest must have been completed. Fred must be in your team.
Procedure: Go ask for details about the wanted notice.

Reward: 10% EXP Capsule*1


Roman Soldier's Treasure

Target: The Soldier outside of the Roman
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: The soldier has a blue treasure box, what's in it?

Reward: Doting Chocolate*1


Heave Levy

Target: Cookie Master in the Roman Hotel
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Help the Cookie Master to defeat the soldiers.

Reward: 3% EXP Capsule*1


Math Magic

Target: The Mathematician in Roman House
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Do the math test that the Mathematician provides.

Reward: 2X Holy EXP Potion*1


Become a Pianist

Target: Little boy in Rome
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: This little boy really wants to become a pianist. Help him find a piano.

Reward: 5% EXP Bolus*1


Gold Treasure

Target: Top right in Rome Hunting Ground
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Go find the treasure based on the villager's information.

Reward: Gold Block *5, 5% EXP Capsule*1


Pretty Dancer

Target: Towers/Dancer in Rome
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Stop these Roman soldiers from taking the dancing girl away

Reward: 3X Holy EXP Potion*1


Honor & Peace

Target: Odyssea in the Rome Senate
Prerequisite: Both of the For Peace and Crisis Behind Peace quests must have been complete
Procedure: People suffered greatly in the war, and they hope the war will soon end.

Reward: 1000EXP


Tell the Truth

Target: Odyssea on top of the Roman mountain
Prerequisite: The Honor & Peace quests must have been completed.
Procedure: Go to ask Odyssea what happened.

Reward: 1% EXP Bolus*1


For Peace

Target: Kacy in the Roman Forest
Prerequisite: Kacy's Wedding
Procedure: Go with Kacy and help Odyssea get out of trouble.

Reward: 5% EXP Bolus *1


Be Brave

Target: Yenela in the Roman Hunting Ground
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Help Yenela get the badge back from the naughty boys. The badge was left by her farther.

Reward: 3% EXP Bolus*1


Prove it

Target: Athletic in Rome
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Go to the 2nd floor of the hotel and help Athletic to defeat the ruffians.

Reward: Latania Peel*3, 1% EXP Bolus*2


Peaceful Quest

Target: Floyd in Apenni Forest
Prerequisite: The Trapped Lover quest must have been completed
Procedure: Defeat Floyd and then go to the Senate to check whether or not the envoys for peace have arrived safely.

Reward: Healing Potion*1, SP Potion*1