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Fog Jungle



Dream about Hero

Target: Huggen in Fog Jungle
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Wake up Huggen and help him to find his dream princess.

Rewards: Lollipop*1, 1% EXP Bolus*1


Be Careful!

Target: Fog Jungle
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: On the road to Cornwall, you fell into a trap and Frederico saved you. Suddenly you found a Draco marking was on his back.

Reward: Fred's amity +4


Roasted Duck?

Target: Yellow Duck in Cornwall
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Click the yellow duck more than 10 times and threaten it. To save itself, it will give you a Forgotten Scroll.

Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1


Scary Affair

Target: Villager in Cornwall
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: A tiger has appeared in the village, the villagers want you to help them kill it.

Reward: Knight's Badge, 10,000 EXP


Wonderful Snack

Target: The Sailor in Cornwall hotel
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Help the sailor to collect materials to make Takoyak.


Reward: Takoyaki*20


Protect Treasure

Target: Stephen in Cornwall Hotel
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Help Stephen to defeat drunk men and then Stephen will ask you to his home to protect his treasure box.

Reward: 3% EXP Bolus*1, Little Ring*1


Merlin's Test

Target: Merlin in the hall of Cornwall Palace
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Answer Merlin's questions.

Reward: Star*1


Farmer's Trouble

Target: Farmer in Cornwall farmhouse
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: The farmer forgot to give his wife gift on their wedding day, and now his wife is angry about it. Help them to deal with the misunderstanding.

Reward: Holy Water*1


Love or Hatred

Target: Villager in Cornwall Hotel
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Go visit Sis and ask for details about the Red Nose Bear.

Reward: 1.5X Holy EXP Potion*1, Holy Water*1


Disappeared Yoyo

Target: Bruce in Cornwall
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Bruce hopes you can help him find his pet - Yoyo.

Reward: 1% EXP Bolus *1


Destroy Pirate's Ship

Target: Gaby in Cornwall
Prerequisite: The Dangerous Turtle Isle quest must have been completed.
Procedure: Help the old gentleman to destroy the pirate's ship.

Reward: 1% EXP Capsule *1


Magic Recipe

Target: Kedi in Cornwall House
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Help Kedi to collect the materials to make a diet pill. After getting them, Kedi will turn into a huge snake! Go help her to find out whyn.

Reward: Dark Chocolate *1


Kill the Dragon

Target: Villager/Priest in Megalith Attack Area of Cornwall
Prerequisite: Both of the Scary Affair and Merlin's Test quests must have been completed. You must equip the Knight's Badge.
Procedure: Go find the huge dragon and proof that the little boy is right.

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule *1