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Guild Insignia

Medal making and uploading

1.Players who join a guild have the right to make a medal for the guild.

2.Only the guild leader has the right to upload the modified medal.

3.The medal will be saved under the default path C: \programfiles \ChineseGamer \WLOline \user\

4.The medal will be saved into filefolder named MySample.ens

5.The filefolder's name may be changed. But the extension name can not be changed.

6.Players should mail the filefolder MySample.ens (or the filefolder with name changed) to the guild leader. They can also burn it onto a disc, or use a disc and usb portable flash driver to save and then post them to guild leader.

7.Medals made by the guild leader must first be saved and then uploaded.

8.Medals made by members must be copied into data filefolder first. Then loaded by opening the medal making window in game and clicking on the load button. After the medal is shown, click the upload button to share it with other players.

9.Only 25 medals can be displayed in the medal making window at one time. The system will read file's name in strokes order.