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Basic Controls

There are five options in the interface: Character info, Shortcut tool bar, Action bar, Chatting options, System functions.

1. Character info:

Players brief character info is displayed at the top left corner of the screen. Character's portrait, level (lvl), experience (EXP) and money (Gold) are shown here as well.The ball indicates the character's elemental attribute. The red bar represents HP and the blue bar represents SP. At the same time, the information of the NPC following the player will also be shown.

2. Quick function bar:

There are several quick functions at the top right corner, including PVP controls, join combat, observe combat, make friends, trade and the in-game item mall.

You can fight against other player(s).

Join combat:
You can join in combat with other player's.

Observe combat:
You can watch other player's while they are fighting.

You can make a team with other players and fight together.

Make friends:
You can make friends with other player(s).

Commercial actions:
You can open the trade function, including buying and selling items, pets, tools or discarding money.

 3. Action bar:

Is a bar where you can place spells/abilities/item for quick casting/use on the right side of the screen.


4. Chatting with other players:

There is a long column at the bottom left side of the game interface. Players can type here to chat with other players. On the left column you can change channels, choose a chat target or select a cute emoticon from the right column to add to your chat.

Local: Only the players nearby can read the messages sent on this channel.

Whisper: Only the target player can read the message on this channel

Party: Party members can send and read messages on this channel.

Guild: Guild members can send and read message on this channel.

World: All players can see this channel.

5. System functions:

The system function bar is at the bottom right of the screen. There are six functions, including viewing backpack/detailed character info, viewing spells/abilities, opening Compound box, performing actions regarding the group, player interaction and changing system settings.