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Fighting includes PVP, Joining Combat and Observing Combat

Players can challenge anybody to a duel. The target can be any other player or NPC if the player's PVP mode isn't closed. Other players can challenge you to a duel too. Therefore, all players in the game should be very careful.

When you see a cloud of smoke, there is likely to be some guys fighting. You can choose to watch the fight or join in the fight. If you don't want to watch the fight, you can click the icon at the bottom right corner.

The basic rules for fighting

Players have 20 seconds to prepare for each round. Player can choose what spell/ability they and their pet will cast during the 20 second preparation. Players can right click the mouse button to cancel the selection or else the selection will be performed until combat is over or the target escapes.

If the player character is killed, he/she will be sent to their rebirth place, which is the last recorded place. The pet fighting with them will go into resting status.
The spell EXP will increase by defeating enemies. When spell EXP hits 100%, the spell will level up.
If a player loses the fight, his/her EXP will be deducted at a certain percentage. Also the pet that joined the fight will also lose a certain amount of loyalty points. If the pet's loyalty degree is too low, it will leave the player.

Regarding combat:

HP: Player's health.

Time: A round is 20 sec.

Pet: The pet that fights together with the player.

Defense: To enter defensive status.

Capture: Defeat the target and catch it so as to make it your pet.

Escape: Escape from the fight.

Use Item: Select an item in the backpack to use.

Automatic fighting: To fight automatically. The spell/abilities that were last used will continue to be used.

Normal attack: Attack the target using common abilities.

Special attack: Attack the target using special abilities.

Attributes of the Fight:

This game classifies players and NPC into four schools, including earth, water, fire and wind. Each school has its strengths and weaknesses. Players can make friends according to their school so as to make a team with the highest power. Players can choose a school to train with when they create a character:


Earth spells originate from the primordial essence of the world

Higher defense power is the advantage of Earth spells/abilities. Earth attributes can beat water but have little attack power against the wind attribute.


Water spells originate from the deep and endless power of water.

Water spells/abilities may be the best assistant attacking abilities. Water spells/abilities can overcome fire spells, but have little attack power against earth spells.


Fire spells are powerful and devastating. They originate from the eternal inferno raging within the world.

Powerful attacks are the advantage of fire spells. Fire spells can overcome wind spells, but have little power against water spells.


Wind spells originate from the ethereal essence of wind in the world.

Higher speed is the advantage of wind spells. Wind spells can overcome earth spells, but have little attack power against fire spells.