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Research and Development Function

There are two kinds of R&D functions : Combination and Manufacturing.
Players who are motivated by adventure should try out the Combination function. Even trash can be refined into a whole variety of wonderful things.
The Manufacturing function can only be used at a player's home. By collecting the necessary materials and tools the player can have all of the fun of assembling them into useful items.

Catching Function

Player can capture monsters and animals and turn them into their pets. Different kinds of animals have different strategies which will become apparent once you start to play games with them. But they are not just for fun, a good and loyal pet can help you become a successful player!

Ride Function

You can use the WL Ride Function to ride any pet. You can ride cattle, sheep, dragonflies, ants and even moai and rock monsters. Whatever you capture can be turned into your pet and you can ride it whenever you want. Many a wonderful pet is waiting for you and your adventure.


Express Function

The pets in WL also have another function; namely to deliver items to other players. It's a far more convenient way to keep in touch over long distances. If player is too busy with a quest, then they can order their pet to deliver things.

Fishing Function

The Fishing Function is very important for players who carry out their adventure on this isolated island. If the players have a fishing rod, they can not only fish but also collect other materials like gems, ore, furs,and stones by fishing. If players use a high level fishing rod then higher level items can be obtained.