| Emoticon |

By clicking on the social function at the right bottom of the interface, a window will pop up. Players can then type five useful sentences into the upper shortcut toolbars and drag 8 useful emoticons into lower shortcut toolbars.  This means that these emoticons and actions can be quickly used during playtime.

The arrangement of furniture

Players in Kelan Village will be given a tent that will serve as their home. Click to use the home function and move the mouse over the tent to enter it. Players can manufacture large items for their homes or arrange furniture according to their liking. Clicking on items in their inventory will give them the option of using it to decorate their houses. Making use of the pillars can help to separate the house; also utilizing wallpaper and tile choices can beautify the house a lot. By arranging the furniture the player can create their own private space; for example a cozy apartment, library or dormitory. Players can even set up shelves and put items on them to start a home business.