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In Wonderland Online, you'll never be alone. The unique player interaction options will help you to connect with other players. Player interaction can help players to match themselves with other players by inputting birthday, blood type etc. Players should keep an eye on the middle icon in the player interaction interface. A quickly beating heart means that Mr/Mrs right is nearby.



Besides the group leader, a team includes four members. The advantage of a team is that the members can fight together and take care of each other. Team work is very important to fight against the tougher monsters. And also, when using vehicles which can carry many people, you can go with your team members


Player who have not found or joined guild can go to the Capitol in Welling Village and apply to join a group. The guild leader has the right to make the rules and regulations, opening authorities to members, inviting players to join, and empowering other members to invite new players to join and modify badges. The badge function enables members to design a badge for their guild. But, only the leader is qualified to upload the badge. Also members can check out other members'information, such as online status, level, nickname and attributes. The email function is valid even when members are offline.