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Remote Control

The remote control has many functions such as auto fight, auto walk, auto recover, and auto leave.
How to use the remote control:

1. Move the remote control's pointer to activate the relevant functions and click for confirmation.

2. Auto fight: tick the option for auto fight and click for confirmation.

3. Auto walk: tick the option for auto walking and click for confirmation.

4. Auto recover: applied after a fight. When HP is lower than the value set by players, auto recover will be activated. (The Lotion must be placed into the inventory in advance and will become used from top to bottom and from left to right). Such as, if HP250 and SP50 are set by players, auto recover will be activated when players' HP is lower than 250 after fight. Players'HP will be recovered to 250 by using auto recover.

5. Auto leave if there is no food: Tick the function for auto leave and click for confirmation. Players will automatically leave and go back to their re-birth point when there is no food in the players' inventory. (It is required that auto recover be ticked before activating auto leave)

6. Auto leave after players or their pets have died three times: The times can be changed. Type in the number of times and click for confirmation. When players or their pet has died the number of times set, the player will be sent back to their re-birth point.

7. Stop button: all of the remote control's operation and functions will be stopped.

8. Close button: The remote control's function window will be closed.

P.s. Whenever the remote control is set, you have to click for confirmation instead of closing it down to activate the relevant functions. (If the player ticks close, the value set will not be activated.)