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                                                               Trojan War

Event duration:
(US)From 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT(GMT-4) every Sunday night
(EU)From 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM EDT(GMT-4) every Sunday

The time in game is from 7:00 pm untill 9:00 pm EST (GMT-5)
(EU)The time in game is from 2:00 pm untill 4:00 pm EST (GMT-5)

Server: the 1st line of all servers

Participator: All players


1.  Players enter the activity scene at the entrance of castle in Holy village.

2.  If the Players entering the activity scene are not the defenders, then they should click on the NPC there to take part in fight.

3.  After the attackers win the fight, the whole party will enter the next challenge scene.

4.  There are three rounds; the field battle, the gateway battle and the palace battle.

5.  The last party to defeat the Stone of Protection in the palace battle will take possession of the whole castle.

6.  Only when the stone of protection is defeated will the attacking side get the final victory. If the stone of protection in the 3rd around is still alive when time is up, the defenders will be regarded as the winners.

7.  The defending players can't join the side of the attackers; Players who log in after losing their connection, losing one round or who have run away will have to wait another 180 seconds before re-entering the fight.

8.  Players on any side who die more than 3 times during a fight will be sent beyond battlefield and have to wait another 180 seconds before re-entering the fight.

9.  Only parties belonging to same guild can take part in fight.

10. After victory the players on the winning side should click on the housekeeper to get rewarded with the 5% EXP Capsule. Players belonging to the winner guild can only be rewarded by taking part in the fight.

11. Players without any guild can't take possession of castle.

12. In case of no guild taking possession of castle, the castle will be guarded by the Guarding Statues.

13. Guarding Statues on the defenders side will not attack players.

14. Players belonging to the winner guild can only be rewarded by taking part in the fight.

15. The HP of Players on the defender' s side will be recovered by +30

16. The attacker's side has to destroy the two Towers in the field battle, defeat the Statues of the Knight in the gateway battle and the Stone of Protection in the palace battle.

17. If players take part in fight, their equipment may become broken.


Only when the winning guild takes possession of the whole castle for two weeks continuously will they get prize from housekeeper, be allowed to use training field and challenge the Abyssal Devil. Prizes issued by the housekeeper are the EXP Capsule and the Brown Devil's Spar.

Note: For guild members who want to challenge the Abyssal Devil, you must join in and win the Trojan War for at least 2 straight weeks.

Icon Rewards Introduction
  Guild Training Area  Guild can get the training area special for themselves if you seize the castle.

5% EXP Capsule

Increases EXP by 5%

Brown Devil's Spar

Increases the ability attributes by 8 points.


Please make sure you have enough space to receive the rewards. Otherwise, you can not obtain them.

The Cursed Palace Quests

The Cursed Palace was inspired by the 12 constellations. There are many powerful palace guardians in every corner of the palace just waiting for a brave player to try to beat them. However, the task will be much easier if you can find the weaknesses of each guardian. Players can form different teams to defeat each of the different guardians based on these weaknesses.

Release Time:
From 1:00pm Sunday to 1:00am Monday  EDT(GMT-4)(You need Registration Voucher*2) EDT(GMT-4). If you want to do the quest everyday, then it will cost 1 star.


Rewards obtained for passing the 13 palaces:

The first 3 palaces are easily conquered, so there is no reward for getting through them.
4th Palace Rewards: Fugu Hot Pot*5 (Hp+300,Sp+300)
5th Palace Reward: Fugu Hot Pot*8
6th Palace Reward: Turkey*3(HP+800)
7th Palace Reward: Turkey*5
8th Palace Reward: Soy Porkbone Noodle*3 (Hp+800, Sp+400)
9th Palace Reward: Soy Porkbone Noodle*5
10th Palace Reward: Curry Rice*8 (Hp+1200, Sp+600)
11th Palace Reward: Love Picnic Lunch*1
12th Palace Reward: 4X Holy EXP Potion

In the final round, the 4 strongest fighters and Athena will be there to accept all the brave player's challenges. Only the bravest warriors have any hope of defeating them.