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Quest Abilities



Soul Dodge

    Introduction Kill the target and get mana
SP Consume           9     Number of Target           1
Quest NPC Welling Village's Leader
The Limit Need 3 stars
Quest Description Talk with the Village's Leader and go to KaMa Peak to get the Welling Village Scroll .After that go back to meet the leader.

    Name         Arrow Rain       Introduction Cause damage to the targets by using arrows
SP Consume           25     Number of Target            8
Quest NPC Indian Monk
The Limit Need 2 stars
  Quest Description Talk with the Indian Monk and ask him to teach you the skill of Instant Movement. Then he will ask you to defeat the snake lord. There are two bouts. You should defeat the snake lord with lvl 120 (HP 28000) and the snakes (about 9xx HP). Go back to meet the monk after defeating them

   Name    Goddess Spells       Introduction Earth - Blockage
Water - Shrink
Fire - Hot Fire Attack
Wind - Vanish
SP Consume  60/52/82/109     Number of Target           1
Quest NPC  
The Limit The quest Open Your Heart should have been done.
  Quest Description After finishing the Open Your Heart quest, go to the appointed place. You cannot enter the room until you solve the trap, the mirror reflects the light. You will meet a goddess statue. Press it so as to do the quest. You should defeat 8 bats of lvl 9x (HP more than 9000). After that you still need to pay 5 stars to learn it. Different attributes will learn different skills.