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Kelan Village


Unknown Fate

Target: Astrologian at the Civilian's House

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Enter Kelan Village, then speak to Mary Lou. After that, visit the Astrologian at her home and speak with her.

Reward: 1 Notepad (Used as a quest log), 1 Tent


The Angry Monkey Incident

Target: Monkey on Starter Beach (North Island)

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: When you land on the shore, a monkey is clinging to a tree. After clicking the monkey, he joins the group.

Reward: The Monkey joins the group.

The Lost Dog

Target: Lina

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Speak with Lina at Kelan Village, then find her lost dog.

Reward: 2 Coconut

Pig taking a walk

Target: Villager in the pigpen

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Speak with the villager. Afterwards, find the run-away pig.

Reward: 1 Fine Stick (ATK+1, DEF+3)

Dinner Incident 

Target: Doll

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Find Doll, who is standing next to the big cooking pot in Kelan Village. He will then ask you to retrieve Hill Peppers from Emilie. Once you solver her riddle, bring the hill peppers to Doll for the reward.

Reward: 1 Radio

Ill Grandfather 

Target: Villager in the Mori House, near the cooking pot

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Speak with the villager, then find the comb in the woods near the cooking pot. Return with the comb for a reward.

Reward: 1 Beast Bracers (DEF+2)

Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed

Target: The pirate in Lan's home in Kelan Village

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Defeat the pirates in battle in Xaolan's home to gain a reward.

Reward: 2 Shale, 1 Star

Pig's Nightmare 

Target: The sleeping pig in Kelan Village's pigpen.

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Click on the sleeping pig to enter a game. If you beat the game, you will receive a reward.

Reward: 1 Star

The initial trial 

Target: Kelan Village's Leader

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Speak with the village leader. He will send you to retrieve a scroll from Kelan Village's mine. He will have his daughter, Roca, accompany you.

Reward: 1 Honor Wand or 1 Honor Claw

Hit Rabbits 

Target: The rabbits in the pen near Kelan Village Leader's house

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Speak with the rabbit to play a game. If you win the game, you'll receive a prize.

Reward: 10 Large Carrot

Niss's Magical Wand 

Target: The tree near the tip of KaMa Mountain

Prerequisite: Niss in the group

Procedure: Take Niss to the forest behind KaMa Mountain. You will spot a staff on top of a dead tree. Niss will get excited, and a scene will take place.

Reward: 1 Lucy's Staff (MATK+25, MaxSp+100), Niss Amity+6