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North Island



Target: Nielide on the east coast of North Island

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Speak with Nielide while walking along the coast. After speaking with her, find the conch with a thorn that she asks for. When she uses it to become a human, she finds that the one she loves has already found another. After this, she sacrifices herself and becomes one with the ocean. She leaves a note behind for the player, as well as a dagger.

Reward: 1 Psychic's Dagger


Avenging Pirate 

Target: South exit of Kelan Village – Pirate Leader

Prerequisite: Must complete “Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed”.

Procedure: The pirates kidnap Xaolan from the village to take revenge for what happened in the previous robbery. After slaying the pirates, travel to Xaolan's home. Her grandmother, dying from the pirate attack, will ask the player to take care of Xaolan.

Reward: Xaolan joins the group.

Story of the Hood Girl

Target: North Island – Little Red Riding Hood

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Slay the wolf attacking Lovely Hood Girl and her grandmother. After resolving the fight, speak with the Lovely Hood Girl to receive your reward.

Reward: 1 Grain Shoes (SPD+2), 1 Star

The Mysterious Maiden

Target: A Cliff on the east coast of North Island

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: While walking along, you will see a maiden lying on the cliff to the east of Kelan Village's south exit. Once awakened, she speaks, but it is something incoherent. You guess her name is Niss, and take her along.

Reward: Niss joins the group.

The unfortunate destiny of the mysterious maiden

Target: Welling Village Inn

Prerequisite: Need to complete the quest “The Mysterious Girl”.

Procedure: Take Niss back to the hotel in Welling Village. After speaking with the village leader about possibly leaving the island, you find out that Niss is being taken away by Presbyters. You enter a battle with the guards, and then the village leader will come out and take care of the matter. Niss will rejoin the team.

Reward: 1 Bright Ring (MATK+2)

Miner without ore

Target: Miner on 1F of KaMa Cave

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: Retrieve 3 iron ore and bring them back to the miner. In return for your generosity, he will award you with the mining skill.

Girl's Wish

Target: The Little Girl in Welling Village (X: 1802, Y: 695)

Prerequisite: None

Procedure: The little girl seems to have lost her pet. Can you find it?

Reward: 2 Coconut, 2 Shale, 250 EXP

Painful Behemoth

Target: Nina outside of a cave on Northern Island
Prerequisite: None
Tips: Help Nina find pliers to pull out the behemoth's tooth.

Reward: Dark Chocolate*1