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South Island


Shepherd Boy

Target: Shepherd Boy

Condition: None

Process: Talk to the Shepherd Boy on the farm and report to the village leader. Then find the Shepherd Boy again and fight with the wolf.

Reward: Title Deed


Sheep's Nightmare

Target: The Sleeping Sheep

Condition: None

Process: There is a dreaming sheep near the Shepherd Boy, activate it to start a game.

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule*1, Star*1

A Big Bear Mission

Target: Honey Merchant

Condition: None

Process: Meet the Honey Merchant at the foot of Maka Mountain and accept the mission to defeat the bear.

Reward: EXP+1000

Giant Corpse Flower

Target: Villager(1380,2335)

Condition: None

Process: Discover villagers near Maka Mountain and go to the west coastline to defeat the Giant Corpse Flower.

Reward: 15% EXP Capsule

The Busy Old Farmer

Target: Farmer

Condition: None

Process: Talk with the farmer in the house near the Shepherd Boy on South Island, the farmer will ask you to collect 5xBarley. Learn collection skill after accomplishing it.

Reward: Collection skill

The other side of cave

Target: Maka Mountain Stone Door. Coordinates (3442, 815)

Condition: *Finish the Quest [Start off again with Roca] *Roca must be in the team

Process: After arriving on South Island of New Zealand, you discover a door at the top of the mountain and enter into the cave to have a look.

Reward: La.Tim's Lease*1, (ATK+50,MAXHP+350 Human pet used), Crystal Skull

Beating Shrewmouse


Process:In the Maka Cave with a Brave Stone in it, there is a path to the hot spring. On the right of the path, is a big tree with a small hole in it. Click the small hole and then beat the Shrewmouse.
Rewards:+150 EXP

The Mark of Going Home

Location: The bread on the Highland (2600, 1000) in South Island
Condition: None
Process: On the way to the Maka Peak you find a mysterious trail of bread. Who lost it and did they mean to?

Reward: Star*1, Ship Voucher*3, 500 EXP

Play the Piano to Oxen

Location: South Island
NPC: Star Prince
Condition: None
Process: Rumor has it that a Star Prince plays his piano everyday to the oxen that surround him. No-one knows why.  Are you curious enough to go and have a look?

Reward: Herb Milk*30, Ship Voucher*3

Southern Robber's Hideout

Location: South Island
NPC: The Guardian of the 2nd floor in Holy Village Leader's house
Condition: You should have the Bloody Armlet.
Process: Some dastardly robbers have been attacking anyone who travels to Holy Village. Can you successfully find and defeat them?

Reward: Bullion*20, 2X Holy EXP Potion*1, Space Agreement*1, Sam joins your team