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South Pole


Match Girl 

Target: Match Girl

Condition: Needs to resolve[Please buy match!]

Process: You meet the Matchstick Girl again in the South Pole. She asks player to give her moneybag to her father. But when you come back, she has died from the cold...

Reward: Star*1

Broken Roof



Process: Talk with a villager in Penguin Village (X:922 Y:1535), and then give him an Ice Brick*3

Rewards; 800EXP, 2.5 X EXP Potion *1, Roast Cuttlefish (HP+350)*50

Find the Sledge Wolf


Condition: None

Process:  Talk with a villager (X: 1322 Y: 695) who lost one sledge wolf. Find the wolf (X: 342 Y: 1495) and fight with it. You should catch it but not kill it. After that give it back to the villager.

Rewards: Pet Lethe Scroll*1


Help Scrape Ice

Location: South Pole
NPC: Villager at South Pole (522,432)
Condition: None
Process: The ice in South Pole has frozen too solid; can you help the villager to scrape away more ice before it freezes again?

Reward: Dark Chocolate*1, 500 EXP