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Revival Isle


Battle in the Crater of the Volcano

Target: Long-eared Tribe-Village Leader

Condition: None

Process: You know the Fire Dragon is making trouble in the Crater of the Volcano, so you get there and fight with it and get a reward from the village Leader.

Reward: 10% EXP Capsule*1, Statue key*1


Colossus Relic

Target: Revival Isle Map-Key hole in Moai Statue

Condition: Needs to resolve Battle in the Crater of the Volcano

Process: You get to a mysterious relic after getting the Colossus key and obtain treasure after a series of wars.

Reward: 10% EXP Capsule*1

Farmer's Crop

Target: Farmer

Condition: Organic Muck*20 needed

Process: Talk with the Farmer in front of the weapon shop at Revival Isle. Give him 20 Organic Muck so as to finish the quest.

Rewards: Smile Mud Statue *1 (1.5X EXP item)

Unique Garden

Target: To the left of the Long-eared Tribe entrance (One grass with 5 leaves)

Condition: None

Process: Click the grass (X: 362 Y: 1275) in Revival Isle to have a talk. After that go fight the monsters.

Rewards: 3X Holy EXP Potion or Hot Potato (automatic)

Repairing the Giant Statue

Target: Restoration Worker of the Long-eared Tribe
Condition: None

Process: Give the Restoration Worker a Ladder and then he will be able to repair the Giant Statue.

Reward: 2x Holy EXP Potion