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Stoowa Isle


Disappearing villager

Target: On the left teleportation place on the 2F of Stoowa Isle

Condition: 1.First Test 2.Test in Welling Village (you don't need to learn Blinking Soul) 3.Death of Roca's Father 4.Start off again with Roca

Process: Go to the 2F of Stoowa Isle and accept the task by talking with a villager, then enter a series of wars...

Reward: Energy Stone*5, Amber Devil's Spar*1, Roca's friendship degree+5




Protector of the Holy Spirit

Target: Stoowa Isle(3797,508)Activates instantly when click the stone gate.

Condition: Must take Stone Carving Key

Process: You discover Stoowa Isle and enter the Protector of the Holy Spirit's Underground Maze from an apparent gate. But you got into the Spirit Building by mistake, and you are now being attacked by the Protector of the Holy Spirit.

Reward: Obtain one of four weapons randomly, star*2



Xaolan's Fate

Target: Coordinates(3300,400) The talking Stone Carving 

Condition: Xiao Lan is in the team 

Process: You get to Stoowa Isle with Xaolan and open the third floor of the Secret path and to find a big spider with two small ones. After defeating them, Xiaolan will die.

Reward: Star*2



Ocean Heart Piece (4)

Target: ã€€
Condition: Aircraft (Vehicles on the sea cannot start this quest)
Process: At the bottom right corner of Stoowa Isle. Click the barrel (X: 5590 Y: 5650) using an aircraft
Rewards: Ocean Heart Piece *1