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Auntie's Special Soup Ingredients

Target: Aunt near the Weaponry of Willing Village

Condition: None

Process: An aunt cooking soup finds out her ingredients have been used up. She asks you to take the potatos from the Fruit Grower at once.

Reward: Remote Control*1


The Red Wine Mission

Target: Wine Maker in the Civillian's House near the Weaponry of Willing Village

Condition: None

Process: You accidentally smash the wine brewing master's wine, so to apologize, you need to get two different types of grape seeds from the fruit grower's daughter and the flower seller, Yuna.

Reward: Red Wine*1

Send the Wine to Holy Village

Target: Wine Maker in the Civillian's House near the Weaponry of Willing Village

Condition: Needs to resolve The Red Wine Mission

Process: Because of a faith dispute, the wine maker asks you to deliver his wine to the bartender on the second floor of the pub in Holy Village (there is a direct secret tunnel to the pub in Holy Village), then go back and report to the wine maker (after returning, the secret tunnel will be closed)

Reward: Teeth Necklace (ATK+1,DEF+1) or Jade Ring (MATK+1,MDEF+1)

The Squirrel Mission

Target: Monte in the jungles of the Welling Village

Condition: None

Process: Monte's animal friend got frightened because the forest they lived in was cut down. Monte is very worried and asks you to help him search for the animals.

Reward: Brown Hazelnut *12

A Guard drinking with friends

Target: Guards at the entrance of Welling Village

Condition: None

Process: A guard has a date with a friend called Aer to have a drink but due to job responsibilities he couldn't make it so he asks the player for help...

Reward: Wild pig's Meat*8

Let's make up!

Target: Elliott on the street of the Welling Village

Condition: None

Process: Elliott and his girlfriend Yuna have quarrelled, but he gives her red and white flowers. What do they mean? Help him ask Yuna, who is selling flowers near the village leader's house.

Reward: Simple Fishing Tool*1

Is it gold axe of iron axe?

Target: Woodcutter of the Welling Village

Condition: None

Process: A Woodcutter of Welling Village lost his axe and asks you to search for it, which leads to an unexpected discovery...

Reward: Fairy's Golden Axe*1,Lauan *5 

The monkey and his Parents, again

Target: Orang-utan in Welling Village's forest area

Condition: Needs to solve the The Monkey Incident and the monkey follows.

Process: In Welling Village's forest area, you see a monkey reunited with it's parents, but at this time a presbyter comes with people trying to capture the monkey's family...

Reward: Banana Peel*3,Blooded Necklace*1

Evru's Puzzle

Target: Evru of the Welling Village

Condition: None

Process: In a Welling Villager's house, a maiden is surrounded by four pets. She says if you have the correct answer for the question, then you can get one of the four pets. After getting the pet, there is a box, if you want the object in the box, then you must challenge Evru’s riddle again..

Reward: Boat Design and selection of any one of the delivery pets

Make a Raft

Target: Tark of Welling Villager's House

Condition: None

Process: Tark is in the house located on the left side of the Welling Village, he asks you to use 3 Lauans to exchange for the Raft Design with him.

Reward: Raft Design

Legendary Weapon

Target: Apprentice of the weapon store in the Welling Village

Condition: Needs to resolve Is it gold axe of iron axe and the Mermaid's dagger

Process: Give the dagger obtained from the mermaid mission and the axe from the Woodcutter to the apprentice of Weaponry, then the player can learn the Primary Alchemy skill.

Reward: Primary Alchemy skill

First Test

Target: Welling Village's Leader

Condition: None

Process: You meet Willing Village's Leader who says you have a lot of potential and if you accomplish the given trial then he will give you a trick...

Reward: Use 3 stars to exchange for skill: Soul dodge

Jack's Blue Flower

Target: Second floor of the Welling Village Hotel

Condition: None

Process: Accidentally see Jack expressing his love for Ross by giving her a blue wild flower in the Welling Village Hotel...

Reward: Ocean Heart Piece

Dick's wish

Target: Dick of the Welling Village

Condition: None

Process: Dick wants to give a birthday present to his father and mother. He needs Common Grass*2, Daphne*2, Stone*2, Aligote*1 ,blue wild flower*1.

Reward: Lobster*10, EXP+30

Bouquet Mission

Target: Yuna

Condition: Needs to resolve. Let's make up! And one star.

Process: Talk to Yuna and exchange a star for the bouquet.

Reward: Bouquet(intimacy+6)

Grandma's Wine

Target: Villager in Welling Villager's house

Condition: None

Process: In a house of Welling Village, a grandma indicates that she's worried about the lack ingredients for brewing wine so she asks you to help her get the aligote from Fruit Grower.

Reward: Lyme Liquor*1

Pirate's Invasion

NPC: Guard in Welling Village of North Island
Condition: You should be at least level 30
Process: The pirates are coming to attack the village next to the Benthal Tunnel, are you strong enough stop them?

Reward: Obtain an Armlet or a Collar automatically.

Looking for the Kids

Target: The villager on the outside of the grape garden 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: Help the villager to find her 3 kids. 

Reward: White Clay*5 

Want some Grapes

Target: Ivense in Welling Village 
Prerequisite: None 
Procedure: Ivense wants some Vanilla Grapes. Are you willing to help him get some from the farmer on outside of the grape garden? 

Rewards: Lauan*3, EXP+300 


Kind Dan

Target: Dan in Welling Village
Prerequisite: None
Tips: Help Dan make his dream come true.


Reward: 100 EXP