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Holy Village


A Man in the Bar

Target: A Man on the 2F of Bar

Condition: None

Process: Defeat Drunk Man in the Bar and save Ferdinand.

Reward: King Certification



Target: Holy Village's Cathedral

Condition: None

Process: In the Cathedral of Holy Village, several aboriginal people are caught for being  non-believers. The priest is thinking of a way to save them. He hopes you can get the key for the cellar from village leader...

Reward: Star*2, Jalor Design

Sister's Wish

Target: Eunos from Cathedral

Condition: Needs to resolve[Unbelievers], [Undeserved Roca]

Process: Talks with Eunos and find KaVo who lost his memory near the fountain and then go back to Eunos again.

Reward: Gem Necklace(MDEF+4, DEF+4, level limitation:16)

Undeserved Roca 

Target: The house closest to the Holy Village entrance

Condition: Needs to resolve [The initial trial], and Roca follows

Process: Player gets to the house closest to the Holy Village entrance and sees a villager dying due to illness. At that moment, a presbyter of Holy Village comes in and blames Roca for killing the villager and takes Roca away by force. You are in danger if you save Roca.

Reward: Increases Roca's friendship degree+5

Please buy match!

Target: The Match Girl in Holy Village Square

Condition: None

Process: Talk with the matchstick girl, and she will ask you to collect match materials. You will get a reward after completing it.

Reward: EXP+100

The hidden cellar

Target: Holy Village Coordinates(942, 735)little boy

Condition: None

Process: Talk with the little boy at coordinates (942, 735) in Holy Village and find out there is a hidden cellar behind the big tree that the boy says.

Reward: Hot-air Balloon Design

Fish Food

Target: Turque from Holy Village

Condition: None

Process: Turque pleads with you to catch a pink earthworm for him, if you can he will teach you his ten-years of fishing experience.

Reward: Primary Fishing skill or Star*1


Target: King of the Children in the forest of Holy Village

Condition: None

Process: You will see three children in the southeast forest of the Holy Village leader's house. Click the King of the Children, he will invite you to play Hide-and-Seek.

Reward: EXP+100, Bowling*3

Elf's tear

Target: Antique Merchant

Condition: Needs to resolve[The Goddess's Revelation]

Process: Talk with the Antique Merchant in the house(X2462 Y895) near the Stuff Shop in Holy Village and activate the quest, you will get a Vacuum Cleaner after completing it.

Reward: Vacuum Cleaner (Obtain one item every 5 mins while collecting source in the collection place)

The Bellman 

Target: Bellman

Condition: None

Process: The Bellman near the Cathedral in Holy Village seems to have some trouble with his work, please help him.

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule

Find the Courage Stone

Target: Mystic Old Man

Condition: None

Process: Talk with a Mystic Old Man behind the Stuff Shop in Holy Village. He needs a Brave Stone, you will get a reward after finding and returning it to him.

Reward: Cat's Eye Ring*1, 15% EXP Capsule*1

Axeman with a broken axe

Target: Axeman

Condition: None

Process: Talks with the Axe man in the house near the Stuff Shop of Holy Village. He needs a Bei's Ore. Go to the KAMA cave, 2F to get it and then return to the Axe man, he will teach you his Cutting skills.

Reward: Cutting skill

Please help Yuna!

Target: Holy Village's Yuna

Condition: Needs to resolve [Let's be good friends again]

Process: You meet Yuna picking flowers and get a reward by helping her collect Small Daisy*6, Chrysanthemum*2, Blue Wild Flower*1 and Persian Mum*1.

Reward: Small Love Bouquet*1(friendship degree+2)

Ocean Heart Piece (3)


Condition: Aircraft

Process: On the top of the Church (X: 4062, Y: 175), there is a box in the water

Rewards: Ocean Heart Piece*1


Saar's Research
Target: Saar
Process: Find Saar to the right of the Village Leader's house. He will ask you to catch 3 monsters for him: Senior Beetle(M), Rain Forest Frog and Squirrel
Rewards: Pet Lethe Scroll *1

Pass the Far Miss

Target: Villager
Condition: ã€€

Process: 1.Talk with villager and help her to find her husband Elwes
2. The map in Village Leader's House (X: 1242 Y: 755)
3. Go to find Elwes at the Cook's ship (at the deck) and tell him his wife's words
4. Go back to meet the villager in the Holy Village
Rewards: 1.5X EXP Potion *1 Jade Grass *1

The Secret of the Mirror

Target: In the well at Holy Village
Condition: The secret of the well quest should needs to be done first.
Process: Open the box obtained in the well and click the rusty mirror 10 times to finish it
Rewards: Forgotten Scroll *1

Stubborn Hen

Target:Condition ã€€
Process: A person with some eggs and an old hen are near the church. The old hen doesn’t want to sit on the eggs since one of them was stolen by weasels. He asks you to get one Eagle Egg for him.
The egg is on top of the Hood Girl in North Island. You should use an airplane.
Rewards: Protective EXP Pill *3


Casting the Poet's Me

Target: Poet in Holy Village
Condition: None

Process: Correctly name to the songs which the poet plays.
1st: Little Star
2nd: Honey bee
3rd: Two Tigers

Rewards: Christmas Sweets*3, 5% EXP Bolus*1, 300 EXP.


Village Leader's Secret Chamber

Target:  Housekeeper
Condition: None

Process: The quest will be initiated automatically when players reach X:1181, Y: 715. Finish the game and get a reward.

Reward: Space Agreement*1

Elin's Memory

Target: Doctor in the well
Prerequisite: Elin must be in your team. "Deity Weapon," "Plasma Scatter-gun" and "Elin's Plasma Wafer" must have been finished.

Tips: While talking with Elin, you learned that she was one of the travelers in "Ocean Heart." She also encountered the shipwreck! You need to help her return to her world.

Reward: 3,000 EXP, Elin's amity +3