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Zhuang Zhi's Poached Egg

Target: Fishing Village-Zhuang Zhi

Condition: None

Process: You meet an old woman. She says her grandson wants to eat poached eggs, so she asks you to take an egg for her and then give the poached egg to her grandson Zhuang Zhi.

Reward: Fox Fur*1


Beautiful Immortal Fox

Target: The Civilian's House Coordinates(522,635) Activates instantly when you get in.

Condition: None

Process: You see a white fox escaping from a house in a Fishing Village in China, and then accept Granny's task to get the fox back. You find traces of the fox and discover its tragic story finally.

Reward: Star*1

Houyi Incident

Target: The Civilian's House Coordinates(522,635)Activates instantly when get in

Condition: None

Process: You meet Houyi in the forests of China and help him shoot the harmful sun and get a reward.

Reward: Star*2

Who's the better hunter?

Target: Hunter Coordinates(4300,4400)

Condition: None

Process: There is a hunter bragging about his archery skills, join the shooting match and beat him to gain the reward.

Reward: Star*1

Match Maker's Red Thread

Target: Match Maker Coordinates(1400,5400)

Condition: None

Process: In China, you meet the Matchmaker who asks you for help, so you go to the Fishing Village and discover that many couples cannot match because of the spirit's last fate. The lovers can stay together after the problem is solved and you can obtain a reward.

Reward: Match Maker's Red Thread*1,EXP+2000

Is the chick first or egg?

Target: Green Woman Coordinates(422,3875)

Condition: None

Process: You reach the plains of China and see two young women quarrelling about something. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? You decide to join them too. Can you help solve this problem?

Reward: If choose the chick first, obtain Cherish Necklace, if choose egg first,obtain Silvery Spell Bead. EXP+3000

Master Sanbo, where are you?

Target: Chinese Guard (in Fishing Village)
Condition: None
Process: Talk with the Chinese Guard in the Fishing Village, he will ask you to find Master Sanbo. You should go to the place with many monsters. Then you will see a question mark on the map. You can go find it and then click Master Sanbo and team up with him. After that, go back with him together.
Rewards: East King Certification (Necessity to do Marine Exploration quest)

Frog Quest

Target: The frog under Sedulous Scholar

Condition: None

Process: Click the frog 10 or 11 times to finish this quest

Rewards: Pet Lethe Scroll*1

The tiger in the remote mountains

Target: Mystic Old Man

Condition: 3 Stars needed, the Soul Quest needs to be finished

Process: Find the question mark with Mystic Old Man in the South part of the Chinese map. Talk with him, and he will teach you Kung fu if you can kill the tiger at Jinjan Hummock. You should go to kill the tigers and then go back to see the old man again.

Rewards: Blood-suck Attack (3 Stars needed)

The Coward

Target: None

Condition: None

Process: On the road from the Fishing Village to Chang'an, you will meet a Coward. He will ask you to find lengzi and give him 50,000 Gold. Then go back to meet the Coward again.
Location: X: 1522.Y: 855

Rewards: Magical Egg *1

Question and Answer

Location: Fishing Village in China
NPC: Mysterious old man in the Spring House
Condition: None
Process: There is mysterious old man who lives in the Spring House.  He loves to ask his visitors tricky questions. Are you ready for the challenge?

Reward: Special Dumpling *1, Star*1

Naughty Boy

Target: Villager in China
Prerequisite: None
Tips: It seems that this is Xao Yee's jade. You can give it to him when you meet him next.

Reward: 1,000 EXP, Xao Yee's Jade*1


Target: Xao Yee in China's Longai Hotel
Prerequisite: Both "Naughty Boy" and "Nervous" quests must have been completed.
Tips: Xao Yee is hurrying to the Great Wall. If you follow him you'll find that Xao Yee's father is being watched, so he is pretending he doesn't know who Xao Yee is. Defeat the evil guards and then talk with Xao Yee's farher again.

Rewards: Holy Water*2, +3000 EXP

The Candied Gourd

Target: Vendor in China
Prerequisite: The 'Something Horrible' quest must have been completed and  Victoria must be a apart of the team.
Procedure: After reaching China, you'll see Victoria staring at the Candied Gourd. Will you buy one for her?

Reward: Victoria's Amity+8, 8,000 EXP