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Fair Judge

Target: Capital-Guandai

Condition: None

Process: Player finds two villagers scrambling for a child at Pursue House of Capital(Coordinates: X562,Y455), player will get reward if helps to judge whose child it is.

Reward: Mixed Noodles*5

The Kidnapped Princess

Target: Outside the Pass-Takeyoshi

Condition: Needs to resolve The Princess Eloped!

Process: Player meets Sano and Takeyoshi in the forest of Japan (Coordinates:X1022,Y495) and knows the princess is caught by monsters, Takeyoshi was heavy injured. As a result, Sano and player fight with monster together.

Reward: 10% EXP, Capsule*1

The River Boy is separated from his mother.

Target: Outside the Pass-River Boy's Mother

Condition: None

Process: Player meets a sad River Boy's Mother not finding her loving son at the sea outside the Pass, so the player goes back to Capital to find Little River Boy.

Reward: Fugu*5, EXP+2000

Mysterious Swordsman

Target: Capital-Casino Owner

Condition: None

Process: On the upper left side of Coordinates(3400,1600) to the Casino, this will activate the quest animation. After it is over, go to the upper left side of Coordinates(3000,1900) to find the Geisha Gallery. Enter it to activate the quest and join the battle. You will get a reward after the battle is over.

Reward: Smile Mud Statue*1, EXP+2500

Challenge the Warrior

Target: Capital-Knight

Condition: None

Process: Find the Warrior at coordinates (X1482,Y1415), you will get a reward if you defeat the warrior.

Reward: Secular Bird's Feather*2, Guard Ring*1

Urashima Taro

Target: Urashima Taro (In the house to the left of the gear shop)

Condition: Seabed Dragon Palace quest needs to be done first

Process: Find Urashima Taro in the house - Go have a talk in the Seabed Dragon Palace - Go back to the shore - Urashima Taro will become an elder - Go and defeat the Leviathan and get the antidote - Go back to talk with Urashima Taro

Rewards: 5% EXP Capsule, Undead Bird Feather *3


Brave Kanako

Target: Shayii Hill (Japan X: 8302 Y: 1635)

Condition: The Fairy's Revelation quest needs to be done first. Kanako must be with you

Process: 1. Kanako was hurt by wolves because she was trying to protect you. Go and collect the Stanch Grass (X: 3100 Y: 333) at 2F, Shayii Hill. Go to Kanako, beside the hot spring, and give her the Stanch Grass.

Rewards: Star*1 Kanako's Amity+8

Worry in the Heart

Target: Ti-tsang Lord

Condition: None

Process: Take Kanako to find the Ti-tsang Lord in Kyoto and activate the quest. Go to the house next to the Props Shop in Kyoto and click Yuta to do the quest.

Rewards: Choose 1, pay 10,000 gold, rewards: Kanako's Amity +6, Star*2
Choose 2, Kanako will pay, rewards: Kanako's Amity +2 , Star*1

Momotaro who hits ghosts

Target: Momotaro

Condition: None

Process: Momotaro asks you to help his fellows: Energy Dog (X:502 Y2655), Wit Monkey (X:2862 Y:1135) and Martial Chicken(X:1442 Y:675). Team up with them and then go back to meet Momotaro again.

Rewards: Pet Rice Roll *1(Pet's amity+5)  15% pet 15% EXP Capsulex1

Pray to the God

Target: Ti-tsang Lord


Process: Click the Ti-tsang Lord(X:2562 Y:1295) in Japan 3 times, and a mystic old man will be appear. Talk with him and then go play a mini game. How to play: The angel will throw bombs and gold. Players who get 30 gold within 30 seconds will win. (Get 3 bombs and lose

Rewards: Star*1


Target: Kasuga's Father


Process: Talk with Kasuga's Father outside of the Golden Temple, then go to the 2nd floor of the Golden Temple (X:3662 Y:1875). Kill the monsters, then go to the 3rd floor and talk with both Kasuga and Etigoya.

Rewards: Resistent Armlet (MDEF+50 HP+350), Smile Mud Statue *1




The Ninja's Treasure

Target: Kyoto, Japan
Condition: None

Process: Click the dropped scroll and there will be a secret room. Defeat the Ninja to get the rewards.

Rewards: Water Hickey Plan*1, 15% EXP Capsule*1



Poor Old Lady Beggar

Target: Old Lady Beggar in Kyoto
Condition: Nigiri Sushi

Process: Give the Nigiri Sushi to the old lady

Rewards: Secular Bird's Blood*2


Beautiful Cherry

Location: Japan
NPC: Koyota (4500, 275)
Condition: Victoria must be a member of your team.
Process: Oh, cherry blossom is so beautiful, even cool Victoria appears to like it.  Whenever she sees it a coy smile comes across her face.

Reward: Victoria's Amity+8


Back Scheme

Location: Kyoto
NPC: Villager
Condition: You should have the submarine.
Process: So many young ladies have disappeared from this village... What is happening?

Reward: 3X Holy EXP Potion*1


Suppress Soul

Target: The leader in Kyoto 
Prerequisite: The Kidnapped Princess and Orachi quests must be completed first. 
1.Go to visit the leader to find out that he's being tortured by the soul in his dream.
2.Go to talk with Yamataikoku and get the Amber Necklace, then you should go to the 3rd floor of the leader's house to trace the soul hiding in the armor and defeat it.
3.After that go to meet the leader to report your completion of the quest. You will then find out that the armor was sold to the leader by a man called Kuro... 

Reward: 3X Holy EXP Potion*1, Dark Chocolate*1 


Misia's Indication

Target: Cherry Forest near Kyoto(3440, 1155) 
Prerequisite: Eva, Angela must first be in your team. The awakened Dark Sword quest must also have been completed 
Procedure: In the Cherry Forest, Angela can sense the angel. Follow her nose until she reaches a magic trap. In the trap there's an armband there. But who and where is the owner? 

Reward: 3% EXP Capsule*1, Light Armband*1 



Run after to Kill

Target: Blood in forest of Koyota (X: 2685, Y: 375)
Prerequisite: "Proud Ninja" quest must have been completed.
Tips: Hayate is badly wounded after being attacked by the Kurokawa Ninja. She needs help.

Reward: Hayate joins your team


Make a Wish

Target: Witch in Kyoto
Prerequisite: None
Tips: If you are kind, the god will bless you.

Reward: 7 Blessing Guard*1


Protect the Cursed Scroll

Target: Official Nanase in Japan's Fire Maple Forest
Prerequisite: "Run after to Kill" quest must have been completed.
Tips: Meet Official Nanase in the Fire Maple Forest and help him by delivering the scroll to Lion General.

Reward: Cursed Scroll*1, 2X Holy EXP Potion*1



Target: Lee in Kyoto
Prerequisite: None
Tips: Who's Heaven Master and what is the Secret Jade?

Reward: 2X Holy EXP Potion



Target: Villager in Kyoto
Prerequisite: None
Tips: Help the villager remember her name.

Rewards: Olla Seafood Noodles*5, Protective EXP Pill*3

Rescuing Sato

Target: Sato's Father in Kyoto
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: In Kyoto, you'll meet a old man who's lost his daughter. Can you help him find his daughter in Cherry Forest?
Reward: 3.5X Holy EXP Potion*1, 8,000 EXP