| Oslya |


Dr. Dinosaur      
Target: Dinosaur Egg      

Condition: None      

Process: Challenge every dinosaur, then go to the Doctor's Lab, the doctor will ask you to find a Dinosaur Egg and will give you a big present after you get the dinosaur egg.      

Reward: Arez joins the team,10% EXP Capsule*1 


Frog Prince      
Target: Frog      
Condition: None      

Process: In Oslya, you meet a frog who can speak. You have to pass all the traps in order to get to The Sibyl's house. After defeating Sibyl's pet, Sibyl tells you how to make the frog return to its original appearance. By giving it a sincere kiss...      

Reward: Star*1 

Angel's Trial

Target: ã€€None

Condition; Airship, Coconut Basin and Manual Blender

Process First: Use a Space Craft and bring the Coconut Basin. Then talk with the Jade Rabbit and give her the Coconut Basin. After that, you will get rewards.

Second: Go to the moon again with a Manual Blender, then talk with the Jade Rabbit and give the Manual Blender to her. After that you will get more rewards.

Third: 1. Go to the Dead vale (The second hole from the left), talk with the old lady at the top of the cave and give the Mashu to her.
2. Then go along the road to the teleportation spot at the bottom, talk with the angel there and choose the right answer.
3. Go back to the last map and find the clothes at the "!" in the map (Ladder needed), then go back to meet the angel and give the right answer.

Rewards; Angela joins your team

Plasma Scatter-gun

Target: Yellow Stegosaurus, Blue Stegosaurus, Red Stegosaurus, Green Stegosaurus, in Oslya
Condition: Elin in the team

Process: Enter the cave after first winning the battle, and then have a chat with the Doctor.

Rewards: Plasma Gun*1

Elin's Plasma Wafer

Target: ET in Oslya
Condition: Elin's level should be at least 40 and she should be part of a team

Process: Elin wants to help the Doctor who is in the trouble. Win great rewards by defeating the Alien.

Rewards: Plasma Wafer

Angel's Test

Target: Old lady in Dead Vale

Prerequisite: "Help Chang'er Find Her Jade Rabbit" and "Ma Stone" quests must have been completed. The Rabbit's Mashu must be in your bag.

Tips: By going through the third cave of Oslya, you can get to a new place, Dead Vale. Talk with an old lady there to initiate the quest. You'll find that Angela's coat is hanging on a tree. Help her get it by using a ladder. After that, Angela will join your team.

Reward: Angela joins your team