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Mayan Tribe


Mayan Door Ball Competition

Target: Mayan Tribe-Fighter

Condition: None

Process: You activate the ball competition and will get a reward if you win.

Reward: Star*1


Find the Lost Ancient Calendar 

Target: Mayan Tribe-Mannix

Condition: None

Process: The Mayan keeper loses the ancient calendar and pleads with you to find it. It was taken by a boy called Little Beru (coordinates: X700,Y1900). Player can exchange it for the Yaro Safflower with that boy.

Reward: Magic Carpet Design*1

The Dentist Incident

Target: Mayan Tribe-Dentist

Condition: None

Process: A Dentist in Maya at (coordinates 2300,1500) says he needs a Silvery Ore, you will get a reward after finding it.

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule*1

Mayan Tribe is Raided

Target: Mayan Tribe-Guard

Condition: None

Process: After having a talk with the Mayan Guard(coordinates:X1362, Y335), you are attacked by wild boars,and defeat them!

Reward: Star*1

Quick Offering

Target: Mayan Tribe-Villager

Condition: None

Process: You activate the scene where Shasha was sacrificed after arriving at the front of a house (coordinates:X2176,Y2134), her mother pleads with you to save Shasha.

Reward: Magic Carpet*1

Don't Leave! Shasha!

Target: Mayan Forest-Stone Door(Coordinates:X3700, Y3200)

Condition: None

Process: Shasha in the team and her friendship degree must be above 70.
Come to the Mayan Map and select a stone door. Find an ET while entering the trap. Shasha sacrifices herself to save you.

Reward: Star*3

Sibling Love

Target: Mayan Forest-Wounded Man

Condition: None

Process: From the Mayan Map, you see a priest taking away a maid by force and wounding a man. Go to save the maid at the man's request. Surprisingly,the priest is an ET, after defeating him, the maid returns to find her brother, but her brother is dying from heavy injuries. You promise him you will take care of his sister before his death.

Reward: 10% EXP Capsule*1, Cherish Necklace*1

ET's Tryst

Target: Blue Green ET (X:4402 Y:515) at the top right corner of the Mayan map

Condition: Aircraft needed

Process: The Blue Green ET activates the quest, you will see two ETs, talk with them. Then finish the quest after defeating them.

Rewards: Forgotten Scroll *1(Cannot be traded)


Huge Crocodile's invasion

Target: Villager on the left of the Mayan Forest

Condition: Aircraft needed

Process: Go to talk with the villager, and then fight with the monsters. After that you should give the village one Boat to finish this quest.

Rewards: Forgotten Scroll*1,  5% pet EXP Capsule*1

Luna's Gift

Target: Maya
Condition: The quest Unfolded Seal must have been completed. You must have the Underground Path and Luna's Key together with the Bicep Exerciser in your bag.

Process: You can get Luna's Gift in the Underground Path.

Note: If you cannot get the Airship Design, go back to the Forbidden Chamber and click the guardian there.

Reward: Airship Design

Collect Cocoa Nibs

Target: Villager in Mayan Tribe
Prerequisite: None
Tips: Nobody can make chocolate without the necessary materials. Go collect them!

Reward: Dark Chocolate*1