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Shopping Guide

Step 1: Buy IGG Points Card

Visit the website http://pay.igg.com/index.php?g_id=10 to purchase points first. We offer you many ways to buy points. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you. Please read the purchase details carefully before you buy. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact our LIVE SUPPORT.

Log onto our website and buy the Points Card in the IGG Mall as usual.

Step 2:Exchange IGG Points into WLO Points

Click to choose the type of points you want to exchange.Click Exchange to finish the exchange.

The Exchange Rate:  1:1

Step 3:Buy Item in WLO in-game Item Mall

a) Steps
1. Log into our official website. And then the points left in your current account will be displayed below your ID name.

2. You can check the points in your account to make sure the purchase was successful. Or you can click Balance Inquiry on the System Interface in game to check your points balance or enter our in-game mall while playing the game to check it out.

Step 2: Purchase items

How to purchase:
1. You must log into the game to purchase items in the mall (All items will be displayed)
2. Make sure you have enough points in your account before buying. If not, buy points first.
3. Purchase your favorite items.

1. If you buy in the grocery shop, weaponry shop or armory shop, you must make sure that your character has enough inventory space. Items bought will be distributed to your character's inventory.

2. If you buy in the furniture shop, the items you bought will be transferred to your tent. Furniture-related items will function when placed in the tents.

FAQ: How to try on items sold in the mall?
You need to double click weapons and armor in the in-game mall to try them on and find your new look and attributes. Archangel's Wings, Angel Wings and Demon Wings share the same color as the color of your character's eyes.

How to buy many items at one time: Click to choose the items you want to buy. They will be placed into your shopping cart. (no more than 7 items at one time) Click CHECK OUT to check the items in your cart. If you need to exchange items, choose an item in your cart and click to delete it. And then click CONTINUE to go back for more items in the mall. Finally, you must click CONFIRM to pay.

About item mall game: You can play games in the mall to get special armor, items or lottery tickets by using points or Carnie Tokens. For more detailed info, check out the game introduction in the in-game item mall.