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Baby Dolls


1. It costs you only 45 points to get the chance to obtain a cool rare pet.
2. All these pets and pet Vouchers can be traded.
3. Click here for more details about pets

pet model




Snow Monster Voucher



Elephant Voucher


Fairy Voucher


Jelly Monster Card


1% EXP Bolus


Lala Dog


Mystic Sunshade Card


Water Spirit Card


Penguin Man Voucher

Lala Dog Voucher


1% EXP Bolus


Little Persian


Elephant Voucher


Alien Voucher


Boy Ball Voucher


Longhair Card


1% EXP Bolus


Shiba inu


Sky Dragon Voucher


Mummy Voucher


Medical Rabbit Card



Wild Pup Voucher


1% EXP Bolus




Black Monster Card


Mars Voucher


Aboriginal Voucher


Mew Voucher


1% EXP Bolus




Culver Voucher


Hook Elfs Voucher


Rock Elfs Voucher


Pumpkin Elfs Card



1% EXP Bolus


Rhesus Monkey


Hercules Voucher


Androsphinx Voucher


Hawaiian Men Voucher


Hawaiian Peri Card


1% EXP Bolus

Participation Award: 1 lottery ticket ;Accumulate lottery tickets for rewards.